Creative Landscape Lighting Ideas to Bring Some Fun to Your Home in Cortlandt Manor, NY

Landscape lighting can do so much more than just provide safety and appeal to your night-time oasis. Properly placed landscape lighting can bring your landscape to life. Lighting adds character, dimension, and ambiance while also highlighting the beauty that your landscape brings to your home. Get creative with your landscape lighting and add some fun to your Cortlandt Manor, NY, home by incorporating some of these ideas.

Accent and Spot Lighting

Creative Landscape Lighting Ideas to Bring Some Fun to Your Home in Cortlandt Manor, NY

An accent or strong beaming spotlight is the perfect way to create a night time focal point to a statue, water feature, and even large scale trees and shrubbery. These are also a great way to create a picturesque view of a garden, pond, and island. Another way to use accent or spotlights is to use them along the exterior of your home, especially where you have strong architectural features that you want to show off after dark.

Solar Lanterns

Solar lanterns are fun and easily changeable so your landscape can keep up with the changing seasons and holidays. Solar lanterns come in varying colors, shapes, and sizes, making them a great lighting choice for nearly any area of your yard. They can be placed along fences, walkways, architectural borders, and garden edges. These lights will bring charm and character to your landscape.



Uplighting is a way to make your actual home come to life. These lights are bright and beam upward, to encompass one side of your home or any architectural feature. They can be used to create a modern and sophisticated style or even to create a playful fairytale scene.

Lit Up Planters and Landscaping Materials

If you really want to add pizzazz and make your outdoor area stand out, large lit up planters, urns, and other architectural landscaping materials could be exactly what you are looking for. Lit up stepping stones and logs are another way to make the most of these stylish lighting design choice. These lighting features are not only practical and functional but they are fun and take night time to an entirely different level. They are also eye catching and magnificent on a dark night and can make any landscape feel romantic and inviting. They can be placed in patterns or at random locations, and they will still provide the same impact.

Light Strings

Stinging lights are no longer for just the holidays and events. String lights add ambiance and make any backyard landscape design elegant and inviting. They are perfect around a pergola, fence line, fire pit, and garden. They can be strung into trees and also around outdoor seating areas. They are ideal for adding a quick taste of luxury and charm to any landscape.


Tube Lighting

Tube lighting can be a way to bring brightness underfoot. It can be used along a pathway or stairway to brighten the area and add dimension to a space during a dark night. Place them around pool areas and cabanas to bring some romance to your outdoor space. They are wonderful for entertaining and family time. Tube lighting will generally provide a sheet of light and make the area appear completely illuminated.

Double Sided Lanterns

Lights that can illuminate at both ends are another great way to bring style to your landscape. These tasteful lights are great along boundary and privacy fences, at wall locations along stairways, and the on the side of your home. They create an upward and downward light scape at the same time and can exude a polished style.