Modern Fire Pit Designs to Consider for Your Yorktown, NY, Backyard

A modern style stands out and you may have already found that it requires some careful planning to incorporate the right mix of features to maintain the look in your Yorktown, NY, backyard. Some additions fit in particularly well with the modern style, such as a fire pit. Here’s are some fire pit options that could be a seamless addition to your property.

Advantages of a Fire Pit

Modern Fire Pit Designs to Consider for Your Yorktown, NY, Backyard

If you think a fire pit is only for the cooler temperatures, think again! A chic, modern fire pit can be used almost year round to provide a cozy spot to snuggle. While a fire pit obviously brings warmth from the fire, it also creates an ambient glow in the nighttime landscape. 

When you would normally head inside as the sun sets, a fire pit can allow you to use your backyard for much longer in the day. This addition makes your backyard act as another useful “room” of your home, only it is outdoors, and it opens up the possibilities throughout the year. For instance, on Halloween, you could gather around the fire pit to inspect the goodies after trick or treating. During the holidays, decorate your backyard just like you do your house, and enjoy the fun of roasting marshmallows around the fire pit while sipping on some hot cocoa. 


Elevated Fire Pit

A fire pit can be elevated on your patio or constructed to stand alone so that you can enjoy it any time you want. Sleek, contemporary geometric shapes are ideal for a fire pit. You can choose a square or long rectangular fire pit to complement your home’s look. When you add comfortable seating, whether built from similar looking stones or outdoor furniture, to surround the fire pit, there will be spots for everyone to relax and enjoy the fire.

Recessed Fire Pit

If you have ever seen a fire pit that is level with the patio, then you know how dramatic it can be. Flanked on each side by sofas with clean lines, this fire pit becomes a true focal point of the backyard. 

Your recessed fire pit could also be lower than the patio in order to use the finished edges of the patio as seating for your guests. Add built-in lights beneath the seating, and this becomes a spot no one will ever want to leave.


Circular Fire Pit

A circular fire pit surrounded by grass can feel just like camping but without the discomfort. Built of rustic or sleek stone and topped with a gorgeous flat stone such as granite or flagstone, a circular fire pit could be the distinct touch you want for your yard. Add a circular outdoor sectional couch and a stone path from the house to the fire pit and you have your own form of glamping. 

Gas or Wood

Fire pits today can be powered by wood or gas. The wood fire pit is more traditional and gives you the true feeling of being out in the open with the campfire smell. A wood fire pit can bring back great memories of camping with your family when you were young, and it can bring the open air fire into your yard when you can’t get away for a camping vacation.

A gas fire pit turns on and off at the flick of a switch and you might just love the convenience of this type of fire. There is no mess to clean up and when you are done, you simply turn off the fire.