Top 3 Landscape Construction Ideas for Large Yorktown, NY, Backyards

If you’ve got a large backyard, you’ve got what every homeowner dreams of! A big backyard is a blank canvas that’s ready to transform into a fabulous outdoor living space. Here are some great landscape construction ideas to make use of your large Yorktown, NY, backyard.

Multi-level Entertaining

One way to create depth and interest in your outdoor space is to construct a multi-level entertaining haven. This option would allow you to define each space in your backyard and allocate different areas for cooking, dining, lounging, and so on.

For example, you could have the patio area directly outside your home’s entrance designated as the spot for your outdoor kitchen and dining. Then you could have a transition space a few steps down that serves as a lounging area, complete with casual seating walls. You could even incorporate some modern water features on either side to add extra effects. Place a few lounge chairs and potted plants for a perfect place to take in the sun and chat with friends. Then add a few more steps leading down into the grassy area of your backyard.

Courtyard Lounge

Top 3 Landscape Construction Ideas for Large Yorktown, NY, Backyards

One great feature that is best suited for large backyards is a courtyard. A courtyard is typically a private outdoor space surrounded by walls. If you have a large backyard, adding a courtyard could create an additional, designated entertaining space. For a beautiful, symmetrical look, create a walkway from your patio or home to a space separate from your main patio area. Perhaps the walkway could begin at the steps at the end of your patio and take you 15 or 20 feet.

You could opt for a round or square-shaped courtyard, depending on whether you want it big enough to fit a small lounge set and maybe a wrought-iron table and chairs for a classic look. In lieu of concrete walls, install arborvitae or thick evergreen hedges around the courtyard. This will act as the walls of the courtyard, giving you privacy and fresh air, and attracting butterflies.

Fiery Designs

Incorporating fire could be the perfect complement to a big, open space because it’s likely to be breezier and chillier than a compact space. You may find that it’s safer to incorporate fire when you have a big space because you don’t have to worry about nearby structures.

Depending on what kind of look you want, you could add a fire pit, a fireplace, or even fire bowls. A fire pit is a great feature for casual gathering, and you could add any style you want, from a rustic naturalistic one to a modern and sleek one. It makes a great complement to multi-level entertaining, and you could even incorporate a fire pit in your lowest level. If you want to take the multi-level entertaining design to the next level—literally—look into creating a step-down fire pit that’s below floor level. This would help shield you and your guests from gusty winds and would enhance the warmth of the fire.