Why You Should Add a Fire Pit to Your Outdoor Patio in Your Somers, NY, Home

Do you feel like your backyard is missing a little something? Maybe you’ve got a great patio with a nice BBQ setup, but you’re finding that the outdoor entertaining season is too short … or your patio lacks the ambience that you were hoping for when you first moved into your Somers, NY, home. A fire pit could be the answer! 

Family Fun

Why You Should Add a Fire Pit to Your Outdoor Patio in Your Somers, NY, Home

Although you may not be able to get away for a family camping trip every weekend, you can have the campfire experience right in your own backyard. If you’re not in love with the smoky effects a traditional campfire can have, opt for a gas fire pit that gives you convenience, cleanliness, and smoke-free enjoyment—even gas-fired fire pits can generate enough heat to roast marshmallows. 


More Gathering, Less Clutter

Nothing draws people together for an evening of great conversation like a fire does! But a big group around a fire pit can mean lots of jockeying for position and tripping over one another. Solve this problem easily with built-in seating. This option lets you seat more people around the fire, without the hassle of extra lawn furniture. If your built-in seating includes a comfortable back rest, beware that your evening fireside chats might turn into all-nighters.

Great Memories

Sitting around a fire sharing stories is as old as mankind. It’s in our DNA to share stories! Why not bring back this wonderful tradition—instead of sitting next to each other facing a TV screen, invite people over, face each other, and have the kind of great, funny, deep, and meaningful conversations that make lifelong memories.


Most homebuyers likely agree that a fire pit would add value to patio. When they’re installed correctly, fire pits become focal points that bring ambience to outdoor living that could arguably be unmatched by any other landscape feature. 


If you meditate, you know how quickly you can relieve stress after a hard day at work. Gazing into the dancing flames of your fire pit will quickly soothe the mind and melt away stress!

Extend the Season

In New York, summer is over all too quickly. But that doesn’t mean you have to bring all of your fun indoors! Fall and winter are perfect times for snuggling in a blanket around the fire, especially on a starlit night with a mug of cocoa in your hand.

Artistic Expression

With the many fire pit options available today, your fire pit can become an artistic statement. From rustic to ultramodern, you can have exactly the look and feel you want! Whether your ideal fire pit is round, square, rectangular, or even triangular, or masonry, steel, concrete, stacked stone, or even carved stone, you can put your own flair into this beloved patio feature. 

Add even more personality to a gas fire pit with colored fire glass, stone inlays, colorful seating cushions nearby, or built-in low-voltage lighting that draws the eye even when the fire is out.

We are dedicated to helping you maximize your enjoyment of your outdoor spaces with well-built patios and outdoor living features that stand the test of time. Give us a call, and let’s talk about a fire pit option that would be perfect for your needs.