How Landscape Lighting Can Increase Safety and Security for Your Briarcliff Manor, NY, Property

Whether you have lived in your Briarcliff Manor, NY, home for a while, or if it is new to you, increased landscape lighting can bring a much welcome sense of safety and security. As an additional bonus, increased exterior lighting makes your house and landscape look so much prettier at night.

Increased Safety

How Landscape Lighting Can Increase Safety and Security for Your Briarcliff Manor, NY, Property

When you arrive home after the sun sets, do you feel comfortable? Or is there a dark corner near your driveway that sets you on edge? Increased lighting around the garage area can bring you a sense of security as you exit your car to enter the house.

Not only can landscape lights help as you drive up to your home and walk into your house, but they can help any visitors as they come and go after dark. If you are someone who loves to host gatherings at your home, a well-lit sidewalk can keep guests from tripping over any portion of the sidewalk that might be difficult to see in the shadows. A beautifully lighted walkway leads friends right to your door.

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While no one likes to think about it, there are intruders who would possibly try to break into your home. Statistics show that a well-lit exterior, both in front and in back, deters would-be burglars from choosing a particular home as a target. So, once the darkness falls, you can feel safer enjoying your outside space because you know that there are no hidden spots for someone to lurk.

Once you experience the benefits of increased landscape lighting, you will have a more stress-free time in your landscape. You won’t have to keep worrying about the time before cooking dinner or having to haul everything inside just because it’s getting dark. Picture pizza nights with your family and relaxing with a favorite drink as the kids play at dusk. When you invite friends over for burgers, you don’t have to gather everyone to go inside when night falls since you can enjoy your food by the lights strung up in your trees or the ambient lighting you have chosen for around your hardscape.

Increased Ambiance

Most of us have driven by a home that has well planned landscape lights and thought, “Wow! That is so gorgeous!” That is what increased, thoughtful landscape lighting can do for your own home.

Surely there are parts of your landscape that are truly noteworthy and could benefit from gentle spotlights or wash lighting. Perhaps you have a majestic tree or a delightful water feature—adding lights to those landscape features can bring you joy as you arrive home to see how beautiful your yard is after the sun sets.

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Spotlights can draw attention to an entryway or illuminate a front porch. If you have pillars that form an entry to the driveway, consider adding lanterns that operate on a timer so that when dusk arrives, the lights turn on. This makes pulling into the driveway much easier.

When you do make the choice to upgrade the outdoor lighting for your home, find a design/build landscape company that will work closely with you to create detailed plans for your specific property. They should be able to take into account the nature and purpose of the exterior lights, and deliver the best and most aesthetically pleasing results for your budget.