The Value of Irrigation for Your Croton, NY, Landscape

If you’d love to have a lush, green lawn, consider installing an irrigation system for your Croton, NY, landscape. Not only will it take away the hassle of remembering to water the grass, but an irrigation system can be designed to water your planters, too.

Benefits of Irrigation

The Value of Irrigation for Your Croton, NY, Landscape

An irrigation system can help with wise water use. Managing how much water is the right amount differs from one property to the next, and that is why some homeowners end up overwatering or underwatering their softscapes. Limp, wilted grass can come from watering too much, which results in soggy patches or unwanted disease like mildew and root rot. Underwatering can cause dead patches in the backyard, which produces an unattractive appearance for your home and lawn.

Properly installed and maintained irrigation systems can bring the correct amount of moisture to your landscape early in the morning when evaporation is minimal and the water has a chance to sink deep into the roots before the day becomes hot. You are not wasting water on areas like sidewalks or driveways because the irrigation is targeted only to the areas of your landscape that actually need the water.


Irrigation Adds Value to Your Home

A professional irrigation system adds value to your home in two important ways. First, should you decide to sell your home at some point, prospective buyers could be won over by the water savings and convenience of irrigation for their landscape. Any realtor likely will tell you that a modern irrigation system is a plus. It also keeps your landscape looking so beautiful and eye-catching even in the hot summer months.

A second value is the pleasure and joy it brings for you when you drive up to your home and see a lush, green stand of grass and healthy flowering shrubs. You can’t discount how great you would feel to wander around the yard to admire the beauty of your properly cared for softscape. And if you love to have planters spilling over with flowers, an irrigation system can remove the need for some hand watering by doing it automatically.


Additional Benefits

Not only does an irrigation system reduce the overall amount of water used to keep your landscaping looking it best, but it has additional benefits.

Regular irrigation can remove dust and pollen that settles on the yard. An irrigation system is quiet and virtually unnoticeable since the main work of watering occurs before you even wake up in the morning.

An irrigation system can be designed to water your vegetable or flower garden, a landscaped bed with spring bulbs, and a special focal tree that requires regular moisture to flourish.

No matter whether your yard is large or small, an efficient irrigation system can save time and money, and minimize water waste in your landscaping. Professional landscape specialists can bring an expert level of knowledge and craftsmanship with a specifically designed irrigation for your outdoor area. Once your landscape is carefully watered, they can even help you with ongoing maintenance to keep your Croton, NY, property looking perfect so that you have more time for what you enjoy.