How a Landscape Company Can Help You Incorporate Water Features Into Your Westchester County, NY, Property

Water features are a great addition to any outdoor design. They add more than just a visual display of beauty, and bring the tranquil sound of running water to your landscape. No matter what kind of space you’re working with, there’s an appropriately sized water feature for you. Here’s how a landscape company can incorporate a water feature into your Westchester County, NY, outdoor design.

Small and Subtle

How a Landscape Company Can Help You Incorporate Water Features Into Your Westchester County, NY, Property

For a small space, a water feature is a great addition that will make it feel cozy and relaxing. If your backyard is on the smaller side, a small to midsize water feature can enhance the ambiance. A decorative water feature can be placed in the garden to perk up a small yard, like a water fountain that pumps water in a circulatory system. Your landscaper can design an area where the fountain will look good, and then make sure it’s installed properly so that wind or heavy rains won’t knock it over. Your landscape company may also provide maintenance on your pump and fountain, as well as the plantings and garden area. With even a small fountain, or any other water feature of your choosing, your space will transform into a garden of tranquility.

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Integrated Style

For more intricate or modern styles of water features, your landscape can integrate showy waterfalls even into a hardscape feature. Spouts or scuppers can be installed in stone walls to create a minimalist water feature that’s low maintenance but looks great. For more pizzazz, integrate multiple spouts around your hardscape for a continuous look. Another style of water feature might be a large, eye-catching fountain near your driveway or front yard. This adds classic style and is a great complement to roses, topiaries, and other classic garden plantings. These types of water features, while beautiful, can be complicated to install and require specialized expertise to install. Your landscape company can handle everything from the paver installation to the water features. Having one company design and build everything makes it easier and ensures the finished project will be done right. It also means they can continue maintenance year-round and even combine it with other regular landscaping services like lawn care.


Ponds and In-Ground Features

For bigger features, like ponds, you may find that extensive planning and maybe excavation might be required, but the end result will surely be a beautiful, natural-looking feature. Ponds can be big or small, above ground or inground, or even have fish! Consider the size of your space and whether you want a pond, a waterfall, or some other type of permanent water feature for your landscape. A pond can be a beautiful addition to a design, by incorporating both native water plants and waterfalls with real live creatures you can admire on a daily basis. This is, of course, a more complicated project that requires planning on the part of your landscaper. Once the plan is set, the landscape company can finish the job relatively quickly, and also provide follow-up maintenance.


A water feature is a beautiful addition to any size landscape, and can be made simple enough to integrate into your design if necessary. If you want to incorporate a water feature into your landscape, professionals can assist you in the planning, design, installation, and maintenance of your project.