Popular Design Features For Your Westchester County Landscaping

When it comes to landscaping, there is no one winning formula. The creativity allowed and afforded is freeing to most people, and a well created backyard can bring forth a sense of accomplishment and tranquillity. Whatever category your backyard falls into, you can rest assure that there are finishing touches that complement your style and of course, most important, add benefits to your daily life.

1. Outdoor Kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchens are not only a fantastic talking point, they’re a wonderful gathering point for any social event you happen to hold. There is nothing quite like the sensation of having a full visual portrayal of a well-groomed backyard while enjoying the sounds and aromas of the chef (or chefs) at work. Besides the standard grill, outdoor kitchens can include pizza oven, wine cooler, sink (of course), cupboards, oven, and cooktop.

2. Outdoor Entertainment System.

If you’re prone to holding social events in an outdoor setting, piping music or other audio sources through to speakers is a great way to keep the mood upbeat and light hearted if your backyard isn’t captivating enough! Add in a television and a seating area for a true outdoor experience. 

3. Trees.

With the right placement, almost any type of tree can all the difference. Popular choices are ones that can be shaped, but don’t overlook the types that casts a decent daytime shadow, or have boughs strong enough to mount swings or build a treehouse in. Most importantly, trees are among the best options for perfect shade.


4. Landscape Lighting.

Lighting serves not only for function, but for beauty. Lights at the base of feature trees, bird baths, walkways, or any other object which would throw a stark contrast to the darkness of the night, is a great way to generate conversation (and use the space safely!) 

Westchester County landscape design tips

5. Walkways.

A meandering trail is the best way to link your features together. They can vary from loose gravel paths, concrete pavers, and all the way to natural stone. The great thing about walkways, is no matter the budget, you can still create a masterpiece with enough planning and patience. Related: 5 Commonly Neglected Aspects of Property Maintenance

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