5 Must-haves For Your Westchester County Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen should be an extension of your home. Think of it like you would with your indoor kitchen - everything you need to entertain your family and guests, within hand's reach. So what exactly do you need? We're here to help!

outdoor kitchen must haves in westchester county, ny

1. Pizza oven

Ok, so we all know that an outdoor kitchen requires a grill. If you really want to be a cut above, consider also installing a wood-burning pizza oven. It's a great way to expand the culinary options for your guests. Pizza ovens also have the capacity to cook chicken and bread in a fast time, which frees you up to mingle! There is simply nothing better than fresh baked pizza al fresco!

2. Outdoor fireplace

We all enjoy a glass of wine (or hot chocolate) by firelight. Imagine being able to do so set against a beautiful fall evening backdrop. An outdoor fireplace will be the focal point of your kitchen and will allow you to remain outside, even when the temperature drops.


3. Outdoor bar

One of the biggest benefits of having an outdoor kitchen is being able to entertain outside while preparing food. Without a comfortable way for your family and friends to mingle nearby, you'll be cooking solo. So make sure you have plenty of bar seating and a fridge for the drinks. And of course, make sure you include a good selection of alcoholic beverages!

4. Pergola

This classic wooden structure is an eye-catching way to provide your guests with shelter from the sun. Family and friends will be able to enjoy the dappled shade, while sipping their drinks. Whether your back is contemporary, country rustic, or something in between, there is a perfect pergola for you. As a finishing touch, pergolas can feature vines and other greenery around the beams and supports.

5. Outdoor lighting

You do not want to use just any old lighting when it comes to your outdoor kitchen. The lighting you choose will really impact the look and feel of the kitchen. It is important to install subtle and strategic lighting throughout the kitchen, as this will make your guests feel at ease. If you went with a pergola, pendant lighting has become a must-have and will bring a stylish look to your kitchen. You should also include under-counter lighting, as this will create a relaxing ambience. Finally, LED lighting for walkways and the outer edges of the kitchen will be the final touch to make your kitchen complete!