Essential Snow Management

With winter well on its way, you are going to want to make sure that you are covered in terms of snow and ice management for your Peekskill landscape. Snow management will ensure safe usage of your driveway and walkways and can guard your landscape design against snow and ice damage. Here we’ll take a closer look at some of the services we offer and why they’re essential to you.


When winter hits with a vengeance, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Our trained and licensed staff operate the heavy machinery, clearing the bulk of the snowfall before moving in on the finer details. Our operators are fully insured and we use only the most rugged and dependable equipment.  Don’t take this liability on yourself. Give us a call.


As most residents of the Westchester County area know, piled snow has a tendency to compress, turning it into thick chunks of ice before the next snowfall comes along to add to the bulk and weight. What’s more, because the snow is compressed and the temperatures remain chilled, this excess snow can take ages to melt. At Manzer’s, we don’t just push snow aside, leaving it to crush your lawn and take up space. With our snow removal services, cleared snow is carted away from the site and disposed of at an approved snow dump site.  



Sanding, or gritting, is an effective way of ensuring that roads, driveways and even sidewalks and walkways provide grip for vehicles and the boots of pedestrians. Sanding is used in conjunction with salt for best results and is laid down before a heavy snowfall as a preventative measure. Laying down sand when bad weather is expected also makes the subsequent ice removal a little easier.


As a tried and trusted method, salt is used to melt snow and ice, prevent snow and ice build up and provide grip in conjunction with sanding. While the chemical aspect of snow and ice management doesn’t end at salting, it’s still an effective tool that we like to keep in our arsenal.

Calcium Chloride Treatment

When calcium chloride comes into contact with water (or ice) an exothermic reaction takes place, meaning that the combining of the two substances creates a small degree of heat. This means that Calcium Chloride is a fast and effective way of melting ice and snow. Calcium chloride can be sprayed as solution or sprinkled in crystal form onto surfaces as a preventive or corrective measure to keep your outdoor areas safe and slip free. Calcium chloride is also completely non-toxic and is even used occasionally in food.

Sidewalk Services

Sidewalk ice poses a hazard not just for your family, but for passersby as well. Our snow and ice management services ensure that not only is your home and landscape a safer and more accessible place, but that the sidewalks outside your home are also kept free of hazards and obstruction to pedestrians.