How Landscape Lighting Complements Your Softscapes in Yorktown, NY

A well-planned landscape lighting strategy brings out the beauty of your plants and trees and brings those features to the forefront when darkness falls. Consider how landscape lighting can complement your Yorktown, NY, softscape.

Wall Lighting

How Landscape Lighting Complements Your Softscapes in Yorktown, NY

If you have a stone retaining wall or focal wall, wash lighting can provide a soft glow that shines on the wall and brings attention to this portion of your landscape after dark. It could also be used in such a way to highlight any trailing flowers you have on top or around this wall. You could also add spotlights to a delicate tree or an enormous flowering bush to draw attention to your favorite plantings when the sun sets. Wall lighting can also face down and make a more dramatic appearance by highlighting specific stones or a stone design.


Water Feature Lighting

A water feature not only brings a soothing sound and relaxing calm to your Yorktown, NY, property, but when complemented with lights for the night, that water is elevated to an eye-catching level of gorgeousness. There is nothing more delightful than a well-lit water feature—everyone will be drawn to it as well as any of your water plants like water lilies.

Driveway Lighting

When guests arrive after dark, driveway lighting eases the challenge of being able to find your home and knowing where to enter. You could also use it to highlight any shrubs planted alongside it. Because you don’t want your driveway to resemble an airport runway, you can opt for soft lights that give definition to the entry from the road. If you have rock pillars at the beginning of the drive, you could have those lit up as well, to highlight where your driveway merges with the road. And don’t forget to have sufficient downlighting for your garage for safety when parking.

Walkway Lighting

Walkway lighting tend to feature soft lights that shine gently onto the walkway and up into the surrounding plants to bring an ambient glow to every evening walk. You can choose to have lighting that is staggered on each side, or a continuous soft glow along both sides. Walkway lighting can be recessed into the paving stones of the walkway for a flush, unobtrusive appearance, or it can be elevated to point directly at the walkway from above.


Patio Lights

Sconce lights and overhead fixtures, including chandeliers, give your outdoor room longer usefulness. If friends come over and linger with you on the patio, all you need to do is flip on the lights and the visit can last for as long as you wish. Add in twinkle lights draped in the trees and spotlights for special portions of your backyard such as a landscape bed of blooming roses, and you have a personal retreat.

Some homeowners, when undergoing changes to their landscape, tend to focus on choosing the perfect grill or the most comfortable furniture and overlook the need for landscape lighting. To fully enjoy the changes you’ll be making, lighting is a key feature that will extend the utility and bring safety to your favorite spaces.

A landscape design specialist can approach each landscape with an all-inclusive eye for design, finding holistic ways to enhance the living experience of an outdoor area with innovative techniques and only the highest quality materials. Finding this balance requires a passion for both lighting design and a love of local horticulture.