Enhance Your Somers, NY, Curb Appeal with a Paver Driveway

Nearly every home has a driveway, but that does not mean every driveway should look the same. Modern, quality materials make it possible to transform your driveway into one of the more remarkable features of your property. The many choices of styles, colors, and textures in driveway pavers ensure you will be able to, with the help of your landscape contractor, craft a driveway that is all your own and that truly enhances your Somers, NY, curb appeal.

Visual Enhancements

Enhance Your Somers, NY, Curb Appeal with a Paver Driveway

Enhancements to the aesthetic style of your driveway are made possible with modern, beautiful pavers. With so many colors, sizes, and textures to choose from, it’s possible to match the style of your home and your exacting aesthetic preferences so that you always have something pleasing to admire when you pull into the driveway. The pavers you choose and the patterns you opt to have them form can be right in step with your home, whether your property is modern, rustic, traditional, or has an estate theme.

The different types of pavers also make it possible to make your driveway stand out among all the other driveways in your neighborhood. A special design within the body of the drive, a contrasting border, or a special continuing pattern are all possible items of visual interest for a paver driveway.


Directing Flow

The energy of a landscape depends on a natural flow of progression among its various elements, and a paver driveway can be a vital contributor to this effect in a way that poured concrete driveways struggle to achieve. Just as the yellow brick road served to direct the pilgrims to Oz, a high quality, stylish paver driveway points the way for your guests with style.

The layout pattern of your pavers will also provide a visual enhancement to improve the curb appeal of your property. A few of the options include herringbone, running bond, random, and basketweave.

The importance of the layout is as important as the type of paver and the color, so a landscape designer’s expertise is much needed here. The type of layout pattern also depends on the series of pavers chosen, and your landscape contractor can advise you on the right combinations and can offer ideas as well.


Functional Enhancements

Choosing a paver option for your driveway offers more than enhancements based on appearance. Pavers will make this essential area of your property highly durable, and not subject to cracks or breakage like poured concrete driveways. Quality pavers, constructed with care, withstand wear and tear, and in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, the whole driveway does not need to be replaced—repairs are a much simpler process with a paver driveway. Plus, constructions are able to handle repeated heavy loads, as a driveway installation requires, as well as freeze-thaw cycles, precipitation, and pedestrian use.

The look of your new driveway will endure as well. Quality pavers mature beautifully, and those that are manufactured with certain technologies do not fade or stain. Paver driveways require little maintenance; a simple weed treatment and cleaning occasionally will do. Driveways made of pavers will serve their purpose for years to come.