Landscape Company’s Tips for Beautiful Container Gardening in Somers, NY

Container gardening is a go-to solution for many landscapes in Somers, NY. Your landscape company may suggest it as an effective way to transition from part of your landscape to another, to add depth or height, or to add functionality to your property. With some prior knowledge about what makes for beautiful container gardening, you can ensure that it will make sense for your overall landscape plan.

The Larger Container, the Healthier the Plants

Soil temperature is a critical factor in plant health. With a larger container, you get more soil, and with more soil, the temperature stays constant longer. However, the size of the container will also affect the mobility and placement of where your plantings will go. The largest of containers will be in permanent position, acting as a decorative planting bed. Wheeled containers, smaller ones that can be moved inside as needed, and plants requiring regular replacement could be appropriate. Experts in container planting can go over the many options with you.


Choose Plants That Will Fill the Containers

Landscape Company’s Tips for Beautiful Container Gardening in Somers, NY

The luxuriousness of a full container enhances the health and appearance of your plants, as well as the depth of your landscape. Your landscaper may suggest that an overflowing container—at the height of the season—could provide the best look. What you want to achieve is a mix of texture, height, and color in your container gardening plan. This means your landscaper may want to group plantings that have similar needs. This could involve grouping vegetables or flowers that require similar amounts of sunlight, water, and nutrients.

Factoring in Drainage and Other Growth Issues

The plants that you choose will require more than the dirt and pot they come in—some special care and knowledge will need to be applied. Drainage is a particular issue that requires the deft experience of a landscape expert. Professional landscapers can help make sure that the pots, plants, and design plan are in keeping with the aesthetics of your yard while also ensuring that the container plantings will last. By taking luck and guesswork out of gardening, the beautiful plantings will thrive and serve as your enjoyment.

A Pot With a Purpose

The choice of pots within your container garden can have quite the impact on both the life of your plants and the look of your landscape. The array of heights, sizes, shapes, and styles can seem overwhelming at first—until a professional presents a manageable selection that fits with your style and preferences. If vegetables and functionality are a main priority for your container gardening, you will want to be steered in a particular direction versus a more meditative garden that focuses on aesthetic pleasures and Zen-like qualities. Another concern is placement. You may want several containers gathered for a collection of various heights, texture, and appeal, or you may want a solo stately pot that becomes a focal point for your walkway.


Beautiful container gardening can provide a whole new look compared with what your neighbors have on display. The look of the plants and flowers can be completely different from the unique containers you choose. Turn to experts who are up-to-date on the latest trends and can help you narrow down the many choices in front of you—from what type of plantings you want to admire every day to what you want to put them in.