Beautify Your Garden with Masonry Raised Beds in Scarsdale, NY

Nothing makes a garden in Scarsdale, NY, more beautiful than a gorgeous stone border. Masonry raised beds add definition and beauty to an ordinary area for plantings. Whether you’re looking to install flowers, shrubs, trees, or edibles, here’s how to glam up your landscape with the help of a masonry professional:

Beauteous Borders

Beautify Your Garden with Masonry Raised Beds in Scarsdale, NY

Creating borders out of masonry beds is the most popular way to incorporate them into your landscape. The traditional way to create borders is to add raised beds along the front of your home. Depending on the style of your home, choose a style of masonry that will complement your home’s exterior. More modern homes would look stunning with Lineo Dimensional Stone by Unilock, a sleek paver in modern hues that will bring major style.


For something a little more universal, the Brussels Dimensional System brings a rustic look that can be used for masonry beds as well as a front patio or walkway to add a cohesive look for extra curb appeal. Brussels comes in a variety of neutral tones that will match any home’s exterior regardless of color or texture. For additional height, you can even have two rows of beds, one higher than the other. This means double the plantings! Add shrubs or small evergreen trees on the top row, and brightly colored flowers on the bottom row for a beautiful backdrop that creates contrast.

An Interesting Island

Another way to add shake up the traditional look with a raised bed in your front landscape is by having your contractor create an island, a masonry raised bed that stands by itself to add interest. Or a medium-sized tree could be planted in the middle to create height and, if needed, shade. Weeping trees are beautiful additions to any landscape with their graceful, soft appearance. Choose a weeping Japanese maple for a bright pop of deep, crimson red. For something flowery, a weeping Yoshino cherry tree is an inspirational choice that will bloom full with pinkish-white flowers every year. If you want something green to act as a backdrop, a weeping Norway spruce goes great with flowers planted around it.

Flowers at the Foot

Another great place for masonry raised beds is at the foot of your property where they can provide a bit of privacy as well as aesthetic appeal. Adding raised beds where a fence would normally be will allow you to create a secure perimeter around your front yard. This is a great space for plantings of a single type of medium-sized plant to create a beautiful hedge-like feature.


Depending on how much height you want, you could choose lavender plants for a lower height that will add eye-popping color and heavenly fragrance. A hibiscus shrub is a good choice for more density, and its flowers bloom constantly throughout the summer and fall. Azaleas are another classic shrub that provides gorgeous flowers throughout the warm season and comes in a variety of beautiful colors to choose from. If you’d like even more security, you can also add a fence structure to your beds, either on the inside or the outside.

No matter where you put your masonry raised beds, they’re sure to add a beautiful, finished look to your home’s front landscape in Scarsdale, NY. Your landscape professional can help you to choose the best design that fits your home, and make your picture-perfect dream come to life!