How a Landscape Company Can Liven Up Your Property with Hedges and Shrubs in Riverdale, NY

Is your property simply missing something? Perhaps it lacks color, a focal point, or clear boundaries. Natural resources such as trees, shrubs, and hedges are excellent solutions for dilemmas like these. They serve multiple functions, while adding a fresh, natural look and feel to the landscape. Incorporating more vegetation into your landscape is also an excellent way to more relaxing. Here are several benefits of having a landscape company bring shrubs and hedges into your Riverdale, NJ, property.  

Shaping Your Property

How a Landscape Company Can Liven Up Your Property with Hedges and Shrubs in Riverdale, NY  

Shrubs and hedges can help to shape and define a property. They can be used to line the perimeter of a property and will provide plenty of privacy, shade, and noise reduction. In addition to their efficacy as natural barriers, shrubs and hedges don’t have the same imposing, or confining, look and feel that tall concrete walls often bear. Hedges may even withstand harsh weather to a greater extent than most fences, and are more resilient to wear and tear than man-made barriers. Hedges and shrubs can also add height to a landscape and create interesting focal points and backdrops. Certain hedges can even be expertly trimmed into specific shapes for added grandeur. Or consider low-growing hedges for flanking a pathway and highlighting its curves, or for outlining flower beds and herb gardens.


Disguising Problem Areas

Strategically planted shrubs and hedges can disguise the problem areas of your property. They can be used to hide anything, from an unsightly compost heap to the naked stems of rose bushes. It all depends upon selecting shrubs of the right shape and size. Consider covering an unattractive wall with a tall hedge and transforming it into a natural barrier. This will serve as an excellent backdrop to a sleek, wooden sofa and coffee table. You can also use shrubs to disguise unsightly views and utilities, like cables. Thorny varieties can even be planted in front of windows and outdoor electronics as an added security measure.  


Maximizing Your Time

One of the greatest benefits of planting shrubs and hedges is their low maintenance. Many varieties of shrubs are relatively easy to keep healthy and require little pruning or trimming throughout the year. Most shrubs and hedges are also evergreen, ensuring a covering of lush, vibrant color throughout the seasons. Shrubs and hedges can even minimize the amount of time you spend tending to other plants, by shielding them from harm. For example, high hedges can protect small, tender plants from frost and can also serve as shelter against strong, unpleasant winds.

Attracting Bird Life

Shrubs and hedges can serve as excellent sources of food and shelter for birds. For example, those with berries, such as hawthorns, can feed birds in the area. Plumbago, for example, also makes a perfect nesting site. Consider placing bird baths and feeders around your hedges to encourage birds in the area to enjoy your natural landscape. Having birds in your landscape can create a wonderful soundtrack of cheerful chirping that enhances outdoor relaxation. Take note, however, that measures should be taken to discourage pests and harmful animals from destroying your hedges.