5 Masonry Ideas for Your Water Features in Scarsdale, NY

Natural stone, concrete wall units, and pavers go hand-in-hand when it comes to breath-taking water features. From simple style to more intricate design, masonry elements can complement your Scarsdale, NY water feature. Manzer’s Landscape Design and Development, Inc. can help you create your next standout design, using the best materials for the job. Here are five masonry ideas for your water features that will enhance your landscape with ease.

Water Tables Elevate

This masonry highlight will get everyone talking about your impressive backyard design. Though elevated, there is no spill-over, making it a great choice for conservation. Water flows upward, pours from the pool’s edge into a catch basin, and repeats the cycle again so there’s no waste. It’s great for a large, empty space, and can be accented with pavers that match the water table. As a decorative architectural feature, elevated water tables brighten and improve any drab landscape area. They can also be used at the base of retaining walls, or to add interest to flower beds.


Rain Curtains Entertain

Rain curtains are captivating water features that are surprisingly uncommon, but gaining popularity. A rain curtain consists of a long, thin outlet that has equally-sized holes drilled in the pattern you want for maximum effect. It’s easy on water too, as a pump recycles it from the bottom back to the top. Framed with natural stone vertical retaining walls, or even stacked stones of different sizes and shapes, this simple water feature, becomes a striking focal point.


Water Walls Engage

A gorgeous feature that goes well with pool areas or outdoor kitchens, is a masonry-based water wall. The wall face features a steady flow of water that recirculates for a stunning visual effect. Depending on the color of natural stone or wall units you use, your water wall can emulate a “vertical stream,” a rustic rock face, or any other look or feel you desire. You won’t have to worry about mineral build up either, as filters keep the water clean and clear, and the water wall looking attractive. This is the kind of masonry that will get guests talking. A water wall provides numerous design options, and is even more aesthetically pleasing when lighting is incorporated.

Water Gardens Excite

5 Masonry Ideas for Your Water Features in Scarsdale, NY  

Natural stone combined with aquatic plants and a regular flowing stream create a stimulating visual for spaces of various sizes. Consider levels where waterfalls flow into each other from large to small, with long streams interrupted by shorter ones to keep things even more interesting. A water garden provides the feel of a rural stream or river, in the comfort of a suburban backyard.

Wall Fountains Enhance

Not only are wall fountains perfect for the conservationist who still wants an exceptional water feature, they are also available in a wide variety of design options. Mounting a wall fountain on an exterior wall, integrating it into a pool or other water feature, brings added elegance to your outdoor architectural design. Explore a Feng Shui style by contrasting a natural stone installation with decorative tile and serene pools, or a tiered natural stone fountain that flows from one level to the next. Possibilities are endless and they’ll all add to the quality of your landscape design.