Incorporate a Hidden Patio in your Landscaping in Briarcliff Manor, NY

If you’re fortunate enough to live in Briarcliff Manor, NY, with its gorgeous views and wide open spaces, you probably take great pride in your landscape so that you can add to the beauty of the place. But sometimes, having your own private retreat just for you and your family or friends, is ideal. Here are some landscaping ideas for adding a hidden patio to your backyard:

A Hidden Patio - Your Secluded Leisure Spot

Add to the charm of your landscape by incorporating a hidden patio into the landscape design. Manzer’s Landscape Design and Development, Inc. can help you sort through the wide array of lighting, furnishing and decorative options to create a unique theme that best suits the purposes of the patio and your own personal tastes. 


Why Hidden?

For lovers of privacy and relaxation, a hidden patio can be the ideal addition to their landscape design. It can be a pleasant surprise to enter a home and discover, in the backyard, a well-designed, well-concealed private enclosure, meant solely for enjoyment. A hidden patio at the bottom of the yard adds a sense of mystery and excitement to the landscape and provides an excellent spot for quiet meditation, reading, or enjoying an afternoon tea party. 

Surrounded by Nature

Ideally, you would want your hidden patio to be at the back of your house for it to stay concealed from plain view. A secret patio, surrounded by trees and shrubs can be a cozy and beautiful option. Tall trees can be used to provide shade and increase the privacy of the area. Dense bushes or a solid fence can further serve to keep it private. You can equip your private nook with some comfortable outdoor furniture, add benches, or have permanent seating installed. Natural stone or concrete wall units can be used to craft a seating wall to match the forested feel of your secluded patio. 

Private Entertaining

If you’re a fan of outdoor entertaining, a pergola with lattice walls and vines allowed to weave up the wooden structure, will be able to keep a larger area concealed and private. Adding comfortable permanent seating is an excellent option for being able to share your hidden patio with friends. Alternatively, have the Manzer’s Landscape Design & Development team transform the space into a cozy fire pit and seating area for a campfire like setting. 


Tranquil Sounds

Incorporate a Hidden Patio in your Landscaping in Briarcliff Manor, NY  

Of course, having a patio that is hidden from sight is one thing, but to complete the illusion and create the effect of total escape, consider incorporating a water feature on or near your hidden patio. The sounds of a water feature will help to add a tranquil ambience to the area and drown out any obtrusive neighborhood noise while you’re trying to enjoy the peace and quiet. A pondless waterfall feature, or small wall fountain are great options for small, tucked-away places. Alternatively, if you have the space, why not opt for a large pond and waterfall to give your hidden patio a truly wild feel?