How a Landscape Construction Company Can Help You Save Water and Energy in Croton, NY

A project in Croton, NY, calls for extensive planning and design implementation to help it fit into its picturesque surroundings. Manzer’s Landscape Design and Development, Inc. can provide a beautiful aesthetic for your landscape, while putting in place a strategic design to help conserve water and energy as well.

Croton’s Climate And Energy-Friendly Landscape Features

The climate in New York’s peaceful village of Croton-on-Hudson calls for a few tweaks to a standard landscape design to facilitate shade from sunlight during the summers, and promote a warming effect in the cold winters. 

In an area shaded by trees, the average temperature can be about 6 degrees lower than the local temperature on any summer day. Protection from cool winter winds with the use of dense evergreen trees as windbreaks toward the north and northwest sides of a house can reduce heating requirements indoors, and thus save energy. Similarly, walls and windows shaded from sunlight in the summers with the use of planting, and facilitation of summer breezes toward the house can help reduce air conditioning costs due to their natural cooling effect.


Deciduous trees, when planted along the side of a house can shield it from summer sunlight while allowing breezes to pass through. In winter, the trees are permeable to sunlight, and can, in this way, help to naturally warm your house. A deciduous tree 6-8 feet tall can grow enough to shade the windows of a house in its first year, and in 5 to 10 years can even shade the roof, with this time range depending on species.

A well-planned landscape can greatly reduce a household’s energy consumption, with carefully positioned trees having the potential to indirectly save up to 25% of the total energy consumed by the household through heating and cooling. 

Strategic Planting To Conserve Water

How a Landscape Construction Company Can Help You Save Water and Energy in Croton, NY  

Manzer’s Landscape Design and Development, Inc. put a great deal of thought into the layout and positioning of features, especially where plants are concerned. When it comes to plants, there are no random decisions. Planting in a way that looks good and will conserve water too is not only possible, but an effective strategy in reducing water costs and consumption.


Planting to save water is not only practiced in drought areas, but also where the conservation of water is required. Without compromising on the aesthetics of your landscape, it is possible to reduce the water requirements of your softscape in just a few steps. Positioning plants that have similar water requirements together, a turf layout that is continuous and appropriately graded, the proper use of mulch, decreasing the size of the lawn by replacing turf with other attractive ground cover options, and the use of native plants that thrive under the local weather conditions without much additional watering are good practices for saving water in the landscape.

Employing a competent landscape construction company such as Manzer’s Landscape Design and Development, Inc. will ensure that your landscape doesn’t compromise in terms of aesthetics, cost-effectiveness or the conservation of resources, even in the long term.