5 Landscape Design Tips for Creating a Multi-Use Outdoor Space in Westchester County, NY

While a landscape design that turns heads is every Westchester County, NY, homeowner’s dream, the main function of any backyard is still to facilitate outdoor living, entertainment and the enjoyment of the outdoors. Manzer’s Landscape Design and Development, Inc. can help you ensure that, in addition to making your landscape unique and stylish, it remains comfortable and practical. Fortunately, beauty and functionality are not mutually exclusive concepts and can be combined to create a beautiful, purposeful outdoor area that is both comfortable and impressive. Here are a few hardscape features that can make your backyard more beautiful, while simultaneously improving the quality of your outdoor living. 

Retaining walls

5 Landscape Design Tips for Creating a Multi-Use Outdoor Space in Westchester County, NY

Retaining walls are traditionally built to hold back large volumes of soil, or to carve space from a slope by creating levels. However, they have outgrown their original function and are now entrusted to do much more than prevent soil erosion. For example, retaining walls often double as seat walls. Having a few comfortable cushions at hand enables you to transform your small patio, enclosed by low retaining walls, into an open area with plenty of seating space. Retaining walls can also serve as aesthetic focal points by incorporating a stunning selection of natural stone or attractive concrete wall units. 

Stunning paths

Different parts of a large landscape should be joined by walkways, creating a seamless flow throughout the property that embraces and showcases its size. Careful attention should be paid to walkways, however, in order to make full use of the space they occupy. While many homeowners opt for simple pathways that serve as a stepping stone to the next outdoor room, the most resourceful of designers transform their pathways into small destinations that are worth appreciating in and of themselves. Have your walkways surrounded by stunning vegetation and have intermittent water features installed to create a continuous, calming soundtrack. You can incorporate comfortable benches along your walkways, inviting guests to take a break and enjoy the sounds of nature. If your landscape has the luxury of a stunning view, your walkways can be positioned to take advantage of this.


Short pillars

Short pillars are often used to end-off a stretch of low wall to ensure that it appears anchored. However, these flat-topped surfaces are excellent places to showcase novelty lighting fixtures and planters. They can even be used to store platters and drinks during gatherings! Ensure that you maximise the utility of every small element in your landscape, as it can have major positive effects on the quality and simplicity of your outdoor living experience. 

A pretty pergola

A pergola can enhance various aesthetic themes, from modernity to rustic romanticism. They can also be adorned with hanging lanterns and climbing vines for a personalized look. Most importantly: these structures serve to shelter you from harsh sunlight in the summer, making your outdoor experience more comfortable. They can be fitted with a canvas covering to provide more comprehensive shelter in the winter. 

Trusty trees and shrubs

Planting trees and shrubs can serve multiple practical purposes in addition to incorporating color and interest into the landscape design. For example, a cover of trees that shades your home during summer may leave you spending less on air conditioning. However, a barrier of trees can also serve as a windbreak on chilly days, keeping your patio cozy and protected. A dense army of shrubs can also serve as a lush, beautiful fence that shields the view of your patio from the road and adjacent homes. While concrete walls can make one feel boxed-in, a tall perimeter of shrubs has a more relaxed look and feel, facilitating a feeling of freedom.