Soothing Water Features for Your Cortlandt Manor Property

Whether it is located in the front or the backyard, including a soothing water feature in your Cortlandt Manor, NY landscape design is a must. Water features contribute to a backyard atmosphere of peace and tranquility, and can provide a dynamic focal point for the surrounding areas. Here are some options to consider when it comes to having a soothing water feature installed on your property.


Fountain designs are diverse and can be as simple or sophisticated as you choose. This great variety of options to choose from allows you a huge amount of flexibility in selecting an attractive fountain that matches your home and landscape. Fountains can not only be used as an excellent focal point for a residential front yard, but can also create an eye-catching adornment for the fronts of businesses. Fountains offer a lot of room for artistic expression and can incorporate sculpture, fluid modern forms or simple shapes. Be it a tiered fountain, a disappearing (pond-less) fountain, or a wall fountain, the soothing sound and the ambience it brings is sure to enhance the overall atmosphere and aesthetic of a landscape.


Whether for keeping koi or attracting wildlife into your yard, ponds are ideal for creating a peaceful setting where you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of nature - right in your own backyard. Birds and frogs as well as beneficial insects such as dragonflies are known to be drawn by the glistening surface of a backyard pond. This can be an excellent learning tool for homes with young children, providing hands-on experience regarding nature, ecosystems and caring for fish. Keeping koi or goldfish is also a rewarding, meditative experience for adults as well.

Streams and Waterfalls

Soothing Water Features for Your Cortlandt Manor, NY Property

Featuring natural stone boulders and cascading water, a stream or waterfall feature is ideal for creating the ambience of a tropical setting. The sight and sound of moving water is an attractive feature for birds and can be used to introduce life and movement into static areas of the landscape, liven up a sterile setting or drown out the noise of a busy neighborhood. Waterfall features can also be integrated into ponds and pools. Streams and waterfalls are not only ideal for rustic or tropical themes, but can also be incorporated into minimalist modern designs where smooth river stones can be used rather than jagged boulders and rock outcroppings.

Pool Integrated Water Features

Whether it’s jets of water that arc into your pool from embedded fountainheads in your poolside surround, a wall of water cascading into your pool from a vertical structure or an all-out tropical paradise waterfall of natural rock, pool integrated water features allow the best of all worlds. Young swimmers will love interacting with integrated water features while they play and your pool will benefit from the additional aeration and cycling water. They’re also an excellent way of ensuring a restful poolside setting or for adding atmosphere to summer pool parties. Consider including landscape lighting that highlights your pool integrated water features or introduces the extra dimension of color for an exhilarating evening setting.