6 Landscape Ideas for Side Yards

Side yards, those often neglected areas that run alongside a home, normally bordered on one side by a boundary wall, tend to remain out of sight and out of mind when it comes to the homeowner’s vision for their property. Although they might seldom see foot traffic, side yards can nonetheless become enchanting corridors or versatile spaces with a little bit of attention and creativity. Here are a couple ideas for transforming your Westchester County side yard from a functional path connecting the front and backyard into a flourishing miniature landscape.

Build a better wall

Good walls make good neighbors, so the saying goes. Great walls also make for stunning side yards. Why not replace the old boundary wall with something with a little more pizzaz, or dress it up with stone veneer or a new coat of wood stain? The introduction of a non-invasive climber can also go a long way in giving bare walls a fresh and luscious new look.

Plant trees

If you have the space for them, trees along the length of your home can transform a bleak side yard into a lush green tree tunnel straight out of a fairy tale. Narrow evergreen trees can be used in side yards with a little less space for a similar effect. Trees planted in this way can contribute to privacy and cut cooling costs in summer by reducing direct sunlight to your home.

Grow a herb garden

Having your own herb garden to pick from to use in wholesome home cooked meals can be immensely rewarding. Side yards often have high levels of shading, making them perfect for growing herb such as chives, thyme and mint that grow well in shady environments.

6 Landscape Ideas for Westchester County Side Yards

Install a water feature

Water features are excellent for introducing movement and life into static areas of a landscape. A small fountain or rock waterfall can be just the thing to liven up a side yard, draw people into the neglected area and create a soothing ambience that drifts through any bedroom windows that might open onto the space.


Add a secluded patio

Even if your neighbors are just on the other side of the fence, a side yard patio can be the perfect peaceful retreat or quiet reading spot. Screens, bamboo, or tall, narrow trees can be used to provide privacy and screen noise. A side yard patio is also an excellent way of creating a useable space that will draw people into this commonly neglected area. Natural stone pavers can be used to add warmth and create a welcoming additional patio.

Create a neat storage area

Old building materials and other things that don’t seem to find a home anywhere else have a way of gravitating towards side yards. What starts off as a temporary storage solution for homeowners gets forgotten about and becomes overgrown. Why not embrace this area as permanent storage space with the addition of practical outdoor storage benches, cabinets or a covered hanging space for tools. This will ensure that the area remains neat and tidy while continuing to serve a functional purpose.