Concrete Pavers vs Natural Stone for your Peekskill Patio

Choosing between concrete pavers and natural stone for your Peekskill, NY patio can be a tough decision to make. Being the primary outdoor space used by you and your family, the choice of surface covering for your patio should be one that you’ll be happy with for many years to come. To help you with your decision, here are some points that outline the pros and cons of each.

Concrete Pavers

The main advantage of concrete pavers is their extreme versatility. These are manufactured to virtually any specification and can be laid in a variety of patterns and designs. High-end concrete pavers are also incredibly durable, perhaps more so than their natural counterparts. Although not all concrete pavers are designed to imitate natural stone, there are some available that are virtually indistinguishable from natural stone to the untrained eye, possessing all of the rich character and surface textures as those found in nature. The wide variety of styles available mean that they are easy to match to traditional as well as more contemporary designs.

Another advantage of using concrete pavers is that they are available in many different colors. This allows homeowners to use one consistent color, merge a variety of colors together, or have a colored pattern flowing across their patio.

Natural Stone Pavers

When it comes to natural stone pavers, there are a variety of different stones available to choose from, including limestone, slate, and flagstone. Each offers a different feel and color, as well as durability and structural strength. You will need to identify the type of stone that complements your patio the best. Whether it gives a jagged and rugged look or a smoother appearance is up to you.

One advantage of natural stone pavers over concrete pavers is that the come in irregular shapes, allowing you to create a more natural, rustic look and feel for your patio.


The Face Off

Concrete Pavers

  • Made to any shape (but mostly regular, square or rectangular) size, and texture
  • Variety of colors
  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to install
  • More affordable

Natural Stone Pavers

  • Can be cut to the correct size
  • Organic look and feel
  • Natural colors only
  • Has to be extracted from a quarry so can be more expensive
  • Subject to varying availability
Concrete Pavers vs Natural Stone for your Peekskill, NY Patio

It is also possible to use both types of pavers for your patio. Consider pairing them: concrete pavers for the majority of your patio, for example, while implementing some natural stone to showcase focal points as borders or accents.

Beyond the Patio

Both concrete and natural stone pavers can also be utilized in other areas of your backyard, such as around a pool or for walkways and steps. For areas that will be subject to higher loads, i.e. driveways, a sturdy concrete paver may be a better option. Whatever your choice for patio paver, consider a design that complements the rest of your backyard as well. Choose a paver that matches existing hardscape, softscape and architectural elements, and one that works best to capture your backyard vision.