Choosing Materials for your Pool Patio Installation Project in Peekskill, NY

Because pool patios form such a large portion of the backyard, and are subjected to wear from pool water, weather, and foot traffic, they require materials that are safe, durable, and design-friendly. In Peekskill, NY, homeowners can choose from a variety of materials to make sure that their pool patio installation project is ready for summer fun.

Natural Stone

Choosing Materials for your Pool Patio Installation Project in Peekskill, NY

If you’re going for an authentic, rustic ambience, then natural stone is an optimal choice. Natural stone offers homeowners a wide range of textures and colors. Sandstone, for example, is formed as a sedimentary rock, and so offers a rich sand-like grain and vibrant texture. This is perfect for providing traction for wet feet. Sandstone comes in an array of unique colors, including warm browns and light beiges. These colors and textures can bring the feel of the beach to your pool patio. On the other hand, Limestone offers a darker spectrum of colors. Limestone is a great option when designing a pool patio with a contemporary design theme. Limestone has a subtle texture and a much finer grain than sandstone. Overall, natural stone offers good freeze-thaw durability and flexibility.

Pairing Natural Stone With Your Existing Landscape

The unique texture of natural stone can be paired with the surrounding elements of your landscape for a seamless effect. Natural stone has veins and specks of color that can be used to strategically tie a design together. For example, if the exterior of your home consists of face brick, then Sandstone or similar stone with dark brown and red veins can be used to highlight these warm overtones. For homes with white exteriors, it is often effective to balance this with a darker stone, such as bluestone. The elegant simplicity of bluestone can also be a stunning addition to homes with grey or cool-colored siding. You might also opt to border your bluestone pool patio with a paver that is similar in color to your home’s exterior for giving your design added dimension.


Concrete Pavers

Perhaps the most popular choice of pool patio materials, concrete pavers are an excellent choice because of the wide range of design options in which they are available, as well as their superior longevity and durability. Concrete pavers allow you a wide choice of colors, textures, and even aesthetic styles, such as cobblestone and flagstone. Concrete pavers are specially manufactured to withstand repeated water exposure and harsh environmental factors. They are mostly non-slip and are sometimes specially treated for stain resistance. Pavers are also available in different sizes, from extra large format slabs to small, brick-like pieces. Because of this, a wide range of laying patterns is possible.


Pairing Concrete Pavers With Your Current Landscape

The versatility of concrete pavers makes complementing your current backyard convenient. Fireplaces, outdoor kitchen areas, walls and stone walkways can all be accented using concrete pavers. In addition, concrete pavers make finding matching concrete coping for your pool edge even simpler. The size and laying patterns of concrete pavers can be used to accentuate various properties of the pool area. For example, large pavers can be used to make the area appear larger, while elongated, plank-like pavers can be used to make the space appear longer in one direction or the other. A random laying pattern can help to maintain a natural, spontaneous appearance.