4 Beautiful Landscape Design Features for Your Front Yard in Yorktown, NY

Enhancing the landscape design of your front yard is not just about boosting your home’s value. It’s also an effective way to make first-time guests feel envious and eager to see the rest of your Yorktown, NY, property. Here are a few beautiful landscape design features you may want to incorporate into your front yard.

A Flowing Water Feature

4 Beautiful Landscape Design Features for Your Front Yard in Yorktown, NY

Water features are a great design choice for giving your front yard a relaxing feel. Depending on your design criteria, the new water feature you choose can range in size and complexity. A simple display of water flowing over stones is a quaint way to incorporate such a feature. Perhaps you prefer something more impressive and want a waterfall flowing into a small pond. You could in fact turn the pond into a habitat for some colorful fish. Adding a water feature of this caliber will most certainly turn your front yard into a serene landscape. Water features not only add beauty to your front yard, but they also give off a soothing noise for anyone walking nearby.

Colorful Flower Beds

If you desire a boost of color to your front yard, then flower beds could be the perfect choice. For example, you can choose a layout for putting perennials and annuals on display. An expert landscaper can put together a plan for varying the use of annuals and perennials so that you have the most consistent blooms possible. A mix of large and small beds in the front yard could be pleasing to the eye. You can even consider a terraced flower bed to provide more space for color.

Low Fence With Trellis Arch

If you prefer to have a bit more privacy in your front yard, then here is a design choice for you: Adding a low fence will comfortably section off your yard while also turning it into an outdoor sanctuary. An addition of a trellis arch would further transform your front yard into a private relaxation area. Consider incorporating small trees and shrubs along the path from the sidewalk to your home. This will create a stylish experience for those walking up to your front door. Within your new private front yard, you could also create a cozy seating area by including a bench or a set of lounge chairs for an afternoon getaway. The trellis arch would act as a doorway from your street into your yard, to effectively separate the two.


Grand Staircase With Planting Beds

If your front yard is one big open space, you may feel challenged by how to most effectively utilize this area. One standout option is a grand staircase. Accompanied by flower beds, this outdoor staircase would give you an elegant entrance that draws attention to the beauty of your home. As for the material you’ll want to use for these steps, consider using natural stone for its longevity. Pavers made of this material looks astonishing while also being capable of putting up a fight against freeze-thaw cycles. Your front entrance will receive a good amount of traffic, so it’s important for it to be not just beautiful but highly durable as well.