5 Summer Landscaping Ideas for Improving Your Front Entrance in Yorktown Heights, NY

When we think of landscaping, we usually picture a beautiful backyard. But your front yard provides the first impression of your home and deserves equal attention. A good entryway can transform your front yard and increase curb appeal. Give your Yorktown Heights, NY front entrance a summer makeover with these great landscaping ideas.

Landscape Maintenance

5 Summer Landscaping Ideas for Improving Your Front Entrance in Yorktown Heights, NY  

A run-down front yard is unattractive and uninviting. A lush green lawn, well-manicured trees, and vibrant flowers will turn your front yard into the envy of the neighborhood. Regular lawn and landscape maintenance will help keep your front yard looking its best and welcome visitors to your home. Weekly lawn care is the secret to healthy, green grass, while pruning and trimming will allow your shrubs and flowers to thrive.  
A good front walkway is easy to navigate and free from obstructions. Regular pruning and trimming of plants and shrubs along the walkway and around the front porch will provide a clear route to your home.  

Upgrade Your Walkway

Lead visitors to your front door with an attractive and well-kept walkway. The ideal path to your door should be easy to locate and to follow. Focus on accessibility and save the meandering paths for the backyard. Your front walkway should be level and wide enough for two people to walk side-by-side.
Improve a plain poured concrete front walk by upgrading the materials. Brick, pavers and natural stone will increase the appeal of your front entrance. Create a cohesive look for your front yard by selecting materials that complement the architecture of your home.


Add Greenery

A barren lawn isn’t as appealing as a well-landscaped front yard. Incorporating flowers, trees and shrubs will add interest and texture to the front of your home. Plants can also be used to help guide guests along the path to your door. A row of shrubs or flowers along the walkway will help keep visitors on the path and off the lawn.
To bring color to your stairs or patio, container plantings can be added. Flowers and plants in attractive containers are easy to maintain and offer flexibility as the plants grow.

Create an Attractive Landing

Spruce up your front landing with colorful, decorative touches. Consider decorative mosaic tile and paver patterns to make a big impact in a small area. If you have a larger front porch, adding furniture can make it more inviting. A small table and comfortable chairs will create a cozy and welcoming spot to greet guests.
Symmetrical features can also create a more attractive landscape. A front landing that feels balanced will also increase your curb appeal. Lighting, furniture and plantings should all work together to provide visual balance on both sides of your front door.

Add Lighting

Ensure that your front entrance is a safe and inviting space by adding outdoor lighting. Both your walkway and your front landing should be well lit for safety and accessibility. Proper outdoor lighting helps to deter unwanted visitors and creates a welcoming and easy-to-navigate entryway.
Post lights at the beginning of the driveway or sidewalk are an attractive way to identify entrances to your yard. Path lights along your front walkway will help guide guests safely to the front door.  
Lighting at the entryway should fully illuminate the front porch while alleviating shadows. A combination of wall sconces and overhead light will help achieve the best lighting for your front entrance.