3 Driveway Design Ideas to Boost your Curb Appeal in Yorktown

Anyone approaching your Yorktown, NY, home in a private vehicle will experience your driveway as the introduction to your landscape. Its design will therefore have a great influence on how professional the rest of your property looks and feels. Simple modifications like replacing your gravel and asphalt surfaces with concrete pavers, or taming the nearby softscape, will contribute towards creating a more durable and sophisticated entrance to your property. Consider using the following tips to create a driveway that will turn heads.

Merge your driveway with the natural landscape

You can give your driveway a natural and effortless appearance by incorporating plenty of sweeping curves and meandering shapes into its design. Selecting pavers in earthy shades can also create a visual agreement between your driveway and surrounding softscape, allowing them to blend harmoniously into one another.

Lightly colored pavers tend to pair stunningly with crisp green lawns, and create a refreshing finished product. Bear in mind, however, that pale-colored concrete and natural stone are at risk of developing tyre marks soon after installation and will have to be cleaned regularly. Similarly, the more rugged your paving stones are, the more likely they are to be marked by tyres.


Opt for concrete pavers

Driveway in Yorktown, Peekskill, New York

Concrete pavers have proven time and time again to be the best material for the construction of driveways. These small concrete units are incredibly durable and can easily withstand the daily stresses of vehicular traffic. When laid in an interlocking pattern, each individual paver becomes fixed in place and will not shift or buckle under heavy loads.


Concrete pavers are manufactured in molds and artificially dyed, resulting in a near-endless range of possible shapes, colors, and textures. In addition, many pavers are produced in versatile designs and neutral shades, making it easier to find a paver that matches your landscape.

A large expanse of identical pavers can often appear flat and uninteresting. Captivate onlookers instead, by arranging your pavers in intricate patterns. Rustic driveways that aim to look natural should consist of more than three different paver sizes. This will achieve a paver pattern that appears to have manifested spontaneously. Selecting pavers in slightly different shades will also add visual depth and interest to the driveway.

Invest in natural stone

Natural stone provides driveways with inherent hardiness and timeless aesthetic. Their unpredictable shades, textures, and patterns are highly sought after, while their rich color variations never fail to add luxury to a hardscaping project. Real stone should definitely be considered for its ability to boost the value of your property.

Many homeowners regard natural stone as a poor candidate for driveways due to the misconception that stone simply isn’t strong enough. Fortunately, there are certain types of stone that bear the compressive strength necessary to be used in driveways. These stone varieties will need to be acquired in thick slabs, but the investment is well worth it.


If you would rather opt for concrete, but love the elegance of a stone driveway, there are plenty of concrete pavers that are manufactured to emulate the shades and textures of real stone.