Is your Driveway Ready for Winter in Yorktown Heights?

With winter just around the corner in Yorktown Heights, NY, you can look forward to cozy evenings with the family huddled up in your warm home. However, winter can be a hard time for your yard, especially for your driveway and walkways. This makes it imperative to take the necessary steps to ensure your driveway survives the winter without unnecessary damage.

Catering to cracks

Cracks are the foremost problem that should be fixed before the mercury drops below zero. Any water that finds its way into these cracks can expand as it freezes and turns into ice, further stressing the cracks to become deeper and larger. Ideally, a professional contractor should be hired to inspect and seal any cracks in your driveway. This is a more durable and convenient solution than attempting to do so on your own. Moreover, different driveway materials will need to be catered with different treatments to resolve cracking. Concrete is generally quite simple, requiring concrete putty after the crack has been thoroughly cleaned with a hard brush or compressed air. For pavers and stone slabs, the task is more arduous and yields more durable results if left to the professionals.

Expansion joints

Is your Driveway Ready for Winter in Yorktown Heights, NY?

A common feature in concrete driveways, expansion joints usually contain a soft material that tends to degrade over time. Cleaning and refilling these before winter is important to prevent the concrete cracking due to ice build-up. Cleaning is accomplished with a brush and/or compressed air followed by refilling the gaps so that they are able to fulfill their purpose while making them impervious to water.


Dislocated pavers and slabs

Driveways suffer a lot extreme use, holding up the considerable weight of vehicles moving in and out of your house. This can often lead to dislocated or shifted pavers, as well as sinking in places. This problem can be further exacerbated after a long, hard winter which makes it important to deal with it before the first snow. Depending on the intensity of the problem, as well as the driveway material, this can be a simple fix or a complete renovation where the help of a professional would be invaluable to ensure a high quality and durable solution.

Sealing and preparing for snow

The last important step in winterizing your driveway is applying a sealant over the surface to make it more impervious to water. While this is a seemingly simple job, having a professional do this can save you time and significantly improve the results as it requires considerable attention to detail. The sealant will ensure the surface is able to inhibit the build-up of ice in tiny cracks and gaps, as well as improving the grip levels of the surface for cars and pedestrians. It also has the additional advantage of preventing stains from oil and chemicals.


Having prepared your driveway, consider investing in the necessary services to keep it clear of snow and ice throughout the winter in the form of a regular snow and ice management service.

Image courtesy of Unilock.