Hardscape and Softscape Driveway Border Options

First impressions of your Yorktown Heights, NY, landscape start with the driveway. That said, great first impressions are achieved with a skillfully designed one. This includes attention to the finer details such as the elements that border and frame the surface. Here we’ll take a look at some options for adding depth, decor and a finishing touch using both softscape and hardscape options.

Pebble, Decorative Stone and Gravel Borders

If your driveway theme is natural, rustic, or lends itself to a river-like setting, consider using stone borders such as flagstone, pebbles, rocks, boulders or gravel. These options offer a great deal of texture and character, and can be used to complement a richly textured cobblestone driveway or contrast with a smoother, more uniform surface. This will also help unite the driveway with natural stone elements that are incorporated throughout the landscape.

Brick Borders

Bricks are complementary to a huge range of driveway materials, offering a contrasting option to both light and dark surface covering with their warm red and brown coloring. Paired with sandy, gold or light grey pavers, bricks can help to visually anchor the area and provide an eye-catching accent. Used with darker or cooler surface options, bricks and brick-style pavers provide an element of visual warmth and depth.

Vertical Hardscape Borders

Hardscape and Softscape Driveway Border Options in Yorktown Heights, NY

Vertical hardscape border options consist mainly of low walls, retaining walls and fences. These help to add clear distinction and structure to the setting, separating the driveway from its surrounds and focusing the attention on the drive. A small fence can be used to add character and color to the landscape, with the advantage being that it can be painted in any color of your choosing or allowed to be overgrown with attractive vines. Lanterns or hanging baskets can also be used on the fence to add additional decorative touches.

Natural stone, concrete, or veneered low walls similarly add charm as well as additional permanence. These can also be good solutions for correcting drainage issues and prevent heavy rain from washing dirt into your driveway. Another advantage of these more permanent options is that they provide an excellent platform for mounting or embedding landscape lighting fixtures to help keep your driveway safe and navigable at night.

Softscape Border Options

What better way to offer your guests a warm welcome to your property than by bordering your driveway with colorful flowers or plant beds rich in detail? If the property is already dominated by hard, straight lines and rugged materials, softscape border options are ideal for balancing and softening the aesthetic of your home. Another softscape option is to border your driveway with carefully cultivated hedges. This option is ideal for homeowners who wish to keep their driveway separate from the rest of the landscape or provide privacy to their front yard while maintaining a soft, natural appearance. A simple, low hedge can do wonders to create a transition from hardscape to lawn, while taller hedges can be used for a more definite, enclosed appeal.