Why Weekly Lawn Care Helps Your Peekskill Property Stay Healthy

Having a healthy lawn on your Peekskill, NY, property is an excellent way to uphold the value of your property and keep it looking pristine. Regular weekly lawn care not only ensures that your lawn looks pristine year round, but also cuts down costs in the long term by catching diseases, nutrient deficiencies, and other problems early on.


Why Weekly Lawn Care Helps Your Peekskill NY Property Stay Healthy

Naturally, keeping your lawn at the right height is a very important factor in keeping it healthy. However, the correct height is highly dependent on the species of grass, as well as the current season, which is where the expertise of a contractor can prove invaluable. Especially during the growth season, keeping the grass at the right height ensures that water is able to deeply penetrate the soil. Moreover, it can make it easier to control the growth of weeds and reduce the chance of insects and diseases causing damage.

Mowing regularly can also reduce the need for fertilizing, especially if a mulching mower is used. Effective redistribution of cut pieces of grass will keep soil well fed, as soil micro-bacteria can process them evenly and more effectively. The net result is a healthy, disease-free lawn that looks its best year round.

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Lawns are notorious for their substantial water requirements, making regular watering a necessity. As with mowing, the water requirements of a lawn are directly related to the species of grass, as well as the season. A contractor can be an invaluable asset in helping you with a watering schedule that matches your lawn, soil conditions, and climate.

If your lawn has an irrigation system, the water output should be measured regularly by a professional to ensure that it matches the requirements of the lawn. Moreover, the water lines should be checked regularly for damage to avoid water loss and pooling. Proper mowing is a prerequisite for proper watering to ensure that the water penetrates the soil and therefore reaches the roots effectively. Lastly, areas neglected by the sprinkler system should be noted by a professional and the sprinkler configuration adjusted accordingly.

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Some level of fertilization is essential for proper grass growth year around. Depending on the season, species of grass, and the amount of thatch build up, the fertilization requirements will vary. Ideally, a soil test should be conducted at regular intervals to monitor the nutrient content and adjust your fertilization schedule and type of fertilizer used. Moreover, the health of the grass should be kept in check to identify physical signs of malnutrition. Keeping your lawn well fertilized, especially during the start of the growing season, can ensure that your lawn looks lush year round. Given the technical nature of fertilizing and the high number of variables, consult a local contractor, such as Manzer’s Landscape Design and Development, Inc., who is well versed in local climate and soil types to give you the best advice.

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Thatch removal and aeration

Excessive thatch and mulch build up can be as detrimental for a lawn as under-fertilizing it. Too much decomposing material on the soil inhibits the easy flow of water to the roots and can starve the grass. Keeping the correct level of thatch and mulch is essential and should be done weekly to make sure your lawn is well fed with the right mix of water and nutrients. Areas of the lawn with high clay content also have a tendency to become compacted, inhibiting the flow of water to the roots, which makes aerating them an essential part of regular lawn care.