Top 5 Things to Keep in Mind When it Comes to Property Maintenance in the Yorktown, NY Area

You want a beautiful landscape, but life gets in the way and you don’t want to spend your entire weekend doing yard chores. The solution: professional property maintenance. With a plan, you can keep your landscape looking great without sacrificing all your free time. Here are the top 5 things to keep in mind when it comes to property maintenance in the Yorktown, NY area.

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Take Inventory

Is your lawn riddled with bare patches? Are your flower beds overrun with weeds? Are there areas of your landscape that require constant attention, like plants with high maintenance requirements? Before you start on a maintenance program, consider renovating parts of your landscape to eliminate problem areas by replacing them with low-maintenance alternatives. For example, you could choose plants that all require the same amount of water and sun, so that some don’t require more attention than others. To achieve the best results, talk to a qualified landscape designer who will help you choose the right plants for the right locations. Taking care of problem areas will save money and work in the long run by preventing the continuous effort to keep them healthy.


Consider your needs when it comes to outdoor living. How much time do you spend outdoors enjoying your landscape? Would a larger paver patio encourage you to be outside more, even if it means giving up a segment of your lawn? If you love being outside but not working outside, opt for a larger hardscape and low-maintenance plantings.

Make a Plan

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Your landscape will always require work, but you can make it easier on yourself with the help of a professional landscaper and a plan. Together, you will be able to schedule tasks like watering, fertilizing and weed control so that they are executed at times you find most convenient and keep your landscape looking its very best. Trees should be pruned regularly to maintain their health, the watering of your lawn and plants should be kept up with and invasive weeds should not be allowed to take hold. 

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Maintain Your Equipment

Sharp mower blades cut grass much more efficiently and don’t damage it. Sharp pruning shears make clean cuts to promote healing and prevent infection or disease. Relying on a professional landscaper to maintain your property bears the added benefit of saving you the time and money that would otherwise go into maintaining your equipment. 

Embrace the Power of Mulch

Keeping your mulch fresh and moist helps you keep your landscape looking good. Old, dry mulch invites weed growth and requires plants to be watered more frequently. Replace mulch as needed, and make sure that it is contained with proper edging so that it doesn’t spill over into your lawn. To ensure that tasks like this are executed on time and with the proper skill, invest in professional property maintenance.