Benefits of Following a Lawn Maintenance Schedule in Yorktown, NY

When a lawn has lush, green grass and neatly trimmed shrubs and a profusion of blooming flowers, that does not happen by chance. A well-maintained landscape requires keeping to a schedule, and that involves some up-front time and effort. If you want your Yorktown, NY, lawn to look swoon-worthy, consider the benefits of getting on a maintenance schedule.

Fall Maintenance

Benefits of Following a Lawn Maintenance Schedule in Yorktown, NY

The fall is a critical time for maintaining your lawn. Removing the leaves that fall on the grass is essential to keeping the roots healthy for the spring and summer when the grass begins to grow again. The roots need both light and oxygen to stay healthy, so leaf removal is a must. In addition to regular watering and mowing this time of year, the fall lawn needs the right type and amount of fertilizer to nourish the roots over the winter season. Testing the soil for any lacking nutrients could be a benefit as well, with amendments made for its growing season. Many lawn care professionals recommend aerating the lawn and spreading seed in the fall to give the grass a chance to begin growing before spring.


Winter Maintenance

While there is less work for your lawn in the winter months, this is the time to wrap any delicate shrubs or plants for protection from the snow and freezing rain. Have any branches trimmed that are dead or defective to prevent them from falling on your home or car when the snow falls.

Your regular lawn maintenance service could extend to winter care, with snow plowing part of the routine when the storms come through our region.

Spring Maintenance  

Spring is a busy time for lawn care. When you’re a regular customer, the thinking can be taken out of properly caring for your landscape, as it’ll automatically be time for a cleanup. This is time for the removal of any dead grass, leaves, and branches that fell during the harsh winter months. Landscape beds can be cleaned out while mulch can be spread to keep the weeds at bay during the prime time of your plantings.

Spring is also the time when your grass needs to be fertilized again and the crabgrass preventer applied to stop that pesky intruder. Spring is the time to deal with developing weeds, too.


Summer Maintenance

Mowing and watering on a schedule in the summer months will keep your lawn looking healthy and flourishing. It is generally better to water less frequently and deeply than to water more often, but this needs to be done to a shallow level. Deep watering in the early morning tends to encourage healthy, strong roots for your grass, which is the basis for a beautiful lawn. The height of the mower is important as cutting the grass too low exposes the roots to harsh sun and can damage their growth.

Keeping to a lawn schedule is easy when you partner up with an experienced local lawn care service. Regular visits will keep your landscape looking beautiful, and the occasional spruce-up can be requested by you or suggested by the company—it’s your choice. Professional spring and fall cleanups, complete tree and shrub care, regular weekly lawn service, or pruning and trimming for your gardens helps you protect your investment while keeping your property looking great.