3 Reasons Unilock Pavers Are a Popular Choice for Driveway Installations in Cortlandt Manor, NY

Unilock is the premier paver manufacturer for engineers, designers, and homeowners in North America. What sets their products apart from other pavers? Products like the signature Brussels Block have been used for many years because of their superior quality, stylish designs, and reliability, among other things. There are many reasons why Unilock pavers are covering driveways all over Cortlandt Manor, NY, and here are three of them:

Aesthetic Appeal

Unilock has an extensive line of beautiful pavers that fit with a variety of style preferences. Whether you want a modern look or classic charm, there’s a solution to bring your vision to life. Courtstone is a cobblestone paver made with technology that gives it a realistic texture. It could be used for a seamless transition between your walkway and driveway, to create a gorgeous, country garden feeling for your landscape. It’s the perfect complement to a classically styled home with a traditional look. If a more contemporary aesthetic is desired, Senzo offers a large format with neutral tones for a sophisticated driveway. The texture is that of fine granite and quartz aggregates with a consistent finish that’s fade resistant. Use rectangular slabs to lay in a herringbone pattern to add interest to larger projects.


Quality That Lasts

3 Reasons Unilock Pavers Are a Popular Choice for Driveway Installations in Cortlandt Manor, NY

A paver driveway is a worthwhile investment when it’s installed by reliable professionals who are familiar with the materials used and know their exact specifications. When it comes to driveway projects, concrete pavers are a cut above less reliable applications like asphalt. The pavers you choose must be strong enough to hold up to vehicle traffic and not break, crack, or split. That’s why Unilock pavers are the go-to choice for homeowners and commercial builders. Products like Richcliff are made with Ultima Technology, making it four times stronger than poured concrete. Town Hall is a brick-like paver that’s also made with Ultima Technology, so you can have the classic brick driveway you’ve always dreamed of without the deterioration over time. Unilock products are backed by a lifetime guarantee against untimely failure, so you can rest easily knowing your driveway will last, or add resale value to your home if it’s put to market.

Image Source: Unilock



Sometimes a project calls for a solution that’s unique, like permeable pavers. This eco-friendly option is perfect where water needs to be drawn away from the home or to relieve stormwater drains. These pavers, which are designed to absorb water runoff, are installed with a permeable joint compound that allows the water to flow back into the groundwater system. This alleviates areas of water runoff during times of rain or flooding, and can help keep your foundation safe from excess moisture. Eco-Priora is one example of a permeable paver that’s considered perfect for driveway applications. The simple yet contemporary look of the midsize rectangular shape is stylish and chic in any laying pattern. Thornbury is another option for permeable installation, and it’s available in a random bundle for geometric interest.

Knowing the superior quality of Unilock pavers over other pavers or options, the choice is simple! Why would you settle for anything less than top quality pavers that will last a lifetime? As a Unilock Authorized Contractor, we can work with Unilock to deliver you an amazing driveway that you’ll love. Drop us a note and tell us which type of driveway you’re interested in installing.