Why Regular Landscape Maintenance Is Important for Commercial Properties in Somers, NY

When you take pride in your company and the high level of expertise you provide to your clients, it is reflected in your logo, the morale of your employees, and the office furnishings. But don’t forget about the exterior of your Somers, NY, commercial building. After all, that is the first impression current and potential clients will see when they arrive at your location. Here are some compelling reasons why regular property maintenance is critical.

Grooming Makes the Difference

Why Regular Landscape Maintenance Is Important for Commercial Properties in Somers, NY

Regular mowing and trimming is like a great haircut—it draws attention to how good you look and how you (and your business) present yourself. Freshly cut grass that has been mowed into clean lines immediately makes a great first impression for your clients. Bushes that have been trimmed to keep the walkway clear and free of debris make walking to and from the parking lot effortless.

Keeping seasonal flowers such as pansies, geraniums, and ferns in planters and planted in landscape beds brings both color and a pleasing appearance. Making sure that grass clippings and fallen branches have been removed means that all your clients see when they arrive is a fresh, inviting landscape.


Hardscape Care

Consider replacing any cracked sidewalks that can cause someone to trip and fall with beautifully laid paving stones. Cracks in walkways and parking lots can bring liability for injuries that you don’t want to be associated with the exceptional way you take care of your clients.

A walkway with contrasting banding can subtly lead visitors from the parking area into the building. If you add a green space with a water feature such as a water fountain or water wall, you’ll have created a spot for employees and clients alike to relax before a big meeting, while also offering a place to review notes and confer with colleagues.


Pleasing Design

If your landscape design has no real order to it, consider engaging a landscape professional to advise on how to bring clear arrangement to your landscape. If your shrubs have overgrown their place alongside the walkway, pruning or replacing them can help to achieve a clean look to the transition from the parking area to the entryway.

Freshly mulched beds with trees and multi-hued greenery are eye-catching and pleasing to the senses. If your grass is patchy, consider using sod to present a uniform look to the grass. Sod grows roots quickly and has a lush, green appearance.

Don’t forget that keeping your landscape fertilized and watered is critical to the sight you want your clients to see as they arrive to conduct business.

A parking area with no cracks filled with grass, a walkway composed of paving stones and coordinating banding, landscape beds that are full of colorful flowers and blooming trees and shrubs all combine to give your visitors the best impression of your company and commercial property.

A landscape expert can provide your commercial property with a lush lawn, reliable maintenance service, and manicured plants and trees. When you locate a service that has certified commercial grounds maintenance professionals, you no longer have to worry whether your commercial building and property project the look of professionalism. A landscape industry certified company can deliver just what your landscape needs to look its best.