Enhancing Your Yorktown, NY, Property with Landscape Design

As warmer weather approaches, it’s time to start planning your next Yorktown, NY, landscape design project. The right updates can improve usability and help your yard live up to its full potential. From beautiful gardens to fabulous outdoor rooms, updating your landscape design can transform your property into the outdoor space you’ve been dreaming of.

Planning Your Landscape Design Upgrades

Before you begin looking for a landscape contractor, you should spend some time planning your new landscape design. Having a well-thought-out plan will result in a more cohesive and functional landscape. Think about what’s missing from your yard and how you want to use your outdoor space. You could put together a list of must-have features as well as wants and dislikes. This way when you sit down with your landscape designer, you’ll be able to provide them with a clear picture of what you want.

Add Color with Flower Beds

Enhancing Your Yorktown, NY, Property with Landscape Design

After a long dreary winter, many homeowners are eager to see color in their landscape. Adding flower beds to your yard can bring color and texture, as well as form and structure to your property. But planning flower beds that look good all season long takes skill and some landscape design knowledge. A combination of border gardens and raised flower beds can help achieve balance and add interest to your landscape. Even if you don’t have a large yard, planters to patios can add color and help soften areas lacking greenery.


Improve Flow on Your Property

Just like in your home, creating good flow in your landscape can make it feel more functional. Good landscape design will create a connection between outdoor spaces and result in a yard that’s easy to navigate. Repetition is one way to create unity and increase flow across your property. Updating hardscaping elements with coordinating stones and a consistent color palette will help make the different areas of your yard feel connected.

Updating your walkways will not only make them look great, it can also help improve traffic flow across your property. Look at the different zones in your landscape, and plan logical routes between them. If you don’t create paths for people to follow, they are more likely to trample your lawn or gardens.

Expand Your Living Space with Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor rooms are becoming one of the most popular ways to maximize your living space.  Adding an outdoor kitchen can bring the family together for al fresco dining, while an outdoor living room provides a place to relax and spend time together without the distraction of a TV (although a TV outside is possible if you’d like). Including a selection of comfortable seating choices and cozy textiles will make the space even more inviting.  


Create Ambiance with Landscape Lighting

A well-designed landscape should be functional after dark and look as attractive at night as it does during the day. Create a more inviting nighttime landscape with well-lit paths and walkways. Adding path lights will help ensure easy movement from one area of your yard to the next.  

Outdoor rooms provide an opportunity to be more creative with your landscape lighting. You can select styles and finishes that complement your landscape design. Outdoor lighting can also create a beautiful effect when paired with a water feature. Light sources that come from both above and below the water will add reflection and create a soft glow in a dark landscape.