A Walk Through the Landscape Construction Process in Yorktown Heights - What to Expect

A beautiful landscape that stands the test of time, starts with the construction process. To ensure quality and consistency in every job, Manzers Design and Development, Inc., follows a tested process with all landscape construction jobs. Be prepared when it comes time for your Yorktown Heights, NY, landscape project by knowing what to expect.

Planning and Design

During an initial consultation, we will discuss your vision and priorities for your new landscape. At this stage, we also review your budget with you to ensure that your dream and your resources are compatible. Once we have a firm grasp of your ideal landscape and available resources, we can create the perfect design for your new landscape.


Survey and Scheduling

After we agree on a design, it’s time to prepare your yard. A detailed survey of the property will provide accurate measurements and uncover any potential problem areas. When surveying is complete, the next step is to apply for necessary permits. Having a complete schedule covering all phases of construction ready before work begins will keep things running smoothly.



Before we can start building your dream landscape, existing elements that won’t be part of the new design will require removal. Existing structures and surfaces, such as patios, paved walkways and walls, will be taken out. Large trees often require removal due to extensive root structures that may interfere with new installations.

Excavation and Grading

New York climates mean that your landscape is at risk from frost related ground heave. Proper excavation and drainage are key to ensuring the longevity of your landscape. Excavation for pools and structures requires the removal of a lot of soil. This is often a loud and messy process, but it only lasts a few days.

A Walk Through the Landscape Construction Process in Yorktown Heights NY - What to Expect

After excavation is complete, we install new drainage systems. Our extensive knowledge of local water patterns allows us to create systems that provide optimal drainage for your property.

Proper grading is essential to ensure that water runs away from your home and other structures. Grading also helps avoid pooling water which can cause damage to plant and lawn health and deteriorate your landscape.

Install Utilities

Once the ground is prepped and the heavy machinery is gone, it's time to install utilities and irrigation systems. Lines for water, gas and electricity are run underground for safety and aesthetic purposes. Irrigation systems will help keep plant life healthy and reduce maintenance.

Construct Hardscapes

Now that all the demolition and site preparation is complete, construction can begin. Masonry and hardscaping features are the bones of your landscape and help create the foundation that everything else is built on.

The construction of base elements, such as retaining walls and footings for structures, is the first step. Then we construct natural stone and masonry elements, such as patios, walkways, steps and outdoor rooms, with quality craftsmanship. After masonry work is complete, we can install other hardscaping features such as fences, arbors and decks.


A landscape isn’t complete without plants, shrubs and trees. Manzers specializes in knowing which plants will thrive in your NY yard, and where they will grow best. Our horticulture experts will create a unique softscape design that will provide beauty and symmetry to your landscape.


Final Touches

After construction and planting is complete, it’s time for the finishing touches. A thorough clean-up and testing of all your new systems follows to ensure that everything is working properly. Adding comfortable and functional furniture is the last step before you can sit back and enjoy your new landscape.