5 Top Flower Bed Ideas to Beautify Your Cortlandt NY Landscape

Spring is on the way, and that means it’s the perfect time to start planning for summer flowers. Beautifully designed flower beds will bring color and texture to your Cortlandt, NY landscape. Well-planned flower beds can also add structure and help define areas of your yard. Try some of these landscape ideas to beautify your backyard with flower beds.

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Border Beds

5 Top Flower Bed Ideas to Beautify Your Cortlandt NY Landscape

A border bed will help define elements of your landscape and add interest and texture to a flat yard. A combination of plants, flowers and shrubs in varying heights will create the ideal framing for patios, walkways, lawns and driveways.

Walkways lined with flowers create an inviting place for a stroll and add color and texture to your landscape. Perimeter plantings add interest to boring corners and create a more complete feel for your yard. Natural stone borders provide beautiful edging to finish border beds.

Raised Flower Beds

Raised flower beds are an excellent way to bring structure to your landscape. They also make for perfect planting conditions by eliminating most weeds and pests and by preventing soil erosion.

Natural stone masonry can be used to create raised flower beds that are both durable and attractive. Block walls with coping stones can double as permanent seating in any area of your landscape. Include a raised flower bed along a low wall to soften the masonry and bring color and interest to your landscape. Raised flower beds are also a great choice to fill the unused space flanking stairways.

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Terracing, or tiered flower beds, is a gorgeous way to bring form and structure to a sloped landscape. Whether you prefer a natural rock garden or more formal terraced flower beds, tiered beds will transform your landscape.

Natural stone retaining walls will give support to your landscape while creating usable level spaces in your yard. Filling the spaces with flower beds softens the masonry elements for a balanced landscape.

A terraced area is also the perfect place to include a water feature. A sloped landscape is ideal for incorporating a natural waterfall which will add movement and the soothing sound of water to your yard.

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Tree-Base Flower Beds

Trees are an important part of a well-designed landscape. They add shade and create a sense of permanence in a yard. To make a tree a less solitary element of your landscape, flower beds can be added around the base of the tree. Shade-loving plants and shrubs will thrive in tree-base beds.

The size of your yard and landscape style will dictate what type of bed will look best. A circular flower bed will add color to a small yard. A large yard will allow for flowing and irregular shaped planting areas. For a more formal look, natural stone edging will give your flower beds support and can be coordinated with other hardscaping elements.

Patio Cut-out Flower Bed

To soften a large expanse of masonry, have cut-outs for flower beds included in the surface of the hardscape. Whether flush with the ground or raised, patio cut-outs can help direct the flow of traffic while adding color and movement to a patio.

Include trees or tall shrubs to create green fences that offer shade and privacy while softening the expanse of stone or concrete pavers that makes up a patio. Strategically spaced cut-outs can also help define outdoor spaces by creating barriers between outdoor rooms.