4 Ideas for Pairing Landscape Construction with Greenery in Cortlandt Manor

Achieving the optimal balance between the hardscape and softscape of your Cortlandt Manor, NY, residence is crucial for creating a stunning outdoor space. A landscape that incorporates different types of elements can create a beautiful environment made from a variety of materials, colors, shapes, and textures. Here are some ideas for combining landscape construction with greenery for an inviting backyard:

Natural Stone Walkway with Flower Beds

There are many ways to arrange the elements in your landscape, but one of the most important parts of this is creating a visual balance. A beautiful walkway should lead the guests towards the most stunning views in your backyard and follow the natural flow of foot traffic in your outdoor space. For a more formal look, aim for symmetrical, straight lines that form a path that leads to a certain spot. You can get creative with your walkway design and experiment with curves and meandering lines with the help of your landscape designer.

4 Ideas for Pairing Landscape Construction with Greenery in Cortlandt Manor, NY

A walkway can be made from brick, natural stone, or gravel to name a few possibilities. Natural stone makes a great material for an elegant walkway, suitable for both traditional and modern landscapes. Natural stone offers a variety of options, such as the refined beauty of limestone that features a mix of charming grey and buff colors, and the versatility of sandstone. Sandstone has a granular texture and comes in a range of shades, including warm earthy tones, as well as reds, pinks, and tans. With natural stone, you can give your landscape a high-end look that will attract with its sophistication.

Because of their inherently natural character, natural stone walkways pair perfectly with greenery of all types. You can use year-round, easy to maintain, evergreen plants whose colors will accentuate the look of your walkway, but at the same time maintain its subtle, elegant appearance.


Lawn and Grass

A well maintained lawn is the first step of achieving an immaculate backyard. Because of its simplicity, having a spacious lawn is a great way to create openness in your backyard. To create a lawn that adds to the curb appeal of your home, you can add a path that naturally connects to a stairway. Steps connect different levels, add multiple facets to the landscape, and are a great solution for navigating sloped landscapes. For a unique touch, have the steps built between levels of lawn which will create a contrasting mix of masonry and greenery.


Patio, Flower Pots, and Hedges

Your patio can serve as an extension of your home and the place where you can enjoy your days in a secure, private area. If your landscape design allows and you have a preference for green surroundings, consider planting a hedge around your patio. Typically hedges are composed of plants, including evergreen and deciduous shrubs like the Japanese holly and classic boxwood shrubs. Hedges can be trimmed to a particular size and act as a privacy screen or a windbreak. For a more colorful look, add flower pots with different seasonal plants to accent the colors and architecture of the patio.

Ornamental Grasses and Poolside Surrounds

A stunning poolside atmosphere doesn’t end with your choice of quality natural stone or concrete pavers used in the decking. A selection of greenery is a great way to add natural vibrancy to a pool area. Ornamental grasses are especially useful as they don’t shed excessively like some trees and shrubs. They also add movement to the space by rustling in the breeze and can help to soften the edges of the hardscape.