Get Your Landscape Ready for Spring with Professional Property Maintenance in Westchester County

As the temperature starts to rise and the snow melts away, the allure of summer makes us eager to get outdoors. But winter takes a toll on your landscape and the result is often a big mess when the snow is gone. Get your Westchester County, NY, backyard ready for spring with these professional property maintenance services:

Lawn Service

A nice thick, green lawn requires proper care. Give your lawn the boost it needs for healthy growth with spring maintenance. Fertilization, seeding, aeration and the first mow of the season are all part of a complete spring lawn care plan. Fertilization replenishes essential nutrients that have been depleted from your lawn and soil over the course of the winter.

Overseeding will help fill in any thin or patchy spots on your lawn. It also promotes new growth in areas that have suffered damage from de-icers and snow removal. Aeration reduces compaction and allows seeds, water, and nutrients to reach the soil faster.

Spring is also the time to start treating those early season weeds that can wreak havoc on your lawn. Applying treatments for crabgrass, dandelions and other early season weeds will help keep these common nuisances under control.

Tree and Shrub Care

You may think trees can take care of themselves, but proper maintenance produces trees that are strong and healthy. Removing old mulch and replacing it with a new layer will protect the roots and keep soil moist.

Pests and fungi that have remained dormant over the winter become active in the spring. Removing leaves and fallen branches promptly after the snow melts will help stop the spread of disease.


Trimming and shaping your trees and shrubs helps them retain their proper shape and will keep them looking their best. Removing dead branches and overgrown limbs eliminates the risk of falling branches which could harm someone or cause damage to property below.

Irrigation Systems

Winter is not friendly to irrigation systems. After months of being frozen and buried under snow, pipes and nozzles can suffer damages and may require repairs. A landscape professional will know the best time to start-up your irrigation system for the season. They can run a full diagnostic, ensuring there are no obstructions that block the flow of water and no debris clogging the sprinkler heads. Valves are also inspected to ensure no water loss is occurring.

Your irrigation system also requires seasonal adjustments in the spring. Fine-tuning sprinkler head heights and spray patterns will accommodate new spring growth and changes in the landscape. The timer should also be adjusted for the season. Your lawn doesn’t require as much water in the spring as it did in the fall.



Get Your Landscape Ready for Spring with Professional Property Maintenance in Westchester County NY

Masonry can also suffer during the winter months. Freezing temperatures combined with mid-season thaws can cause masonry to crack or spall. Damaged masonry not only looks bad, it also poses potential safety risks and can lead to further damage. A professional mason can identify and repair problems that you may not notice until it’s too late.

Seasonal property maintenance should include replacing broken or cracked pavers. Walkways, patios or driveways in need of repair can create tripping hazards and cause damage to vehicles. Loose, crumbling, or discolored mortar is a sign that your mortar is failing. Replacing damaged mortar promptly will help prevent larger structural repairs.