Plantings + Softscapes

Lending an artistic eye to your garden and landscape

From perennials and annuals to shrubs and trees, curating just the right foliage for your landscape creates balance, beauty and serenity. Our horticulture experts at Manzer's Landscape Design and Development create customized landscaping for homes, businesses and community centers in a range of areas including Yorktown, Peekskill, and throughout Westchester County.

Each softscape designer begins by working directly with their client to consider the unique property, geographical location, sunlight and soil.

Customers and landscape specialists then compose a master plan for the space, creating year-long natural beauty throughout the property.

Plantings - top landscaping in Somers, Westchester County, New York

Beautiful plantings - landscaping in Cortlandt Manor NY

Proper LAYOUT supports beautiful gardens Year round

The proper placement of each planting is just as important as choosing the plant itself. In addition to choosing the right flowers, plants and trees for each property, Manzer's design team also offers design plans for placement, drainage and hardscape support.

Foundation plantings beautifully line the perimeter of a home while perennial gardens provide stunning patches of flora that require little year-round upkeep.

Once the full landscape design is installed, property maintenance teams keep each yard looking healthy and fresh, serving areas throughout Courtlandt, Yorktown, Croton-on-Hudson and beyond.


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