Why Winter is a Great Time for Landscape Construction

Although winter frost can make excavation something of a challenge and the curing of foundations a tricky but surmountable obstacle, winter remains a good time for Peekskill, NY patio remodeling and making changes to your outdoor structures under the right circumstances. Barring a blizzard and heavy ice, most projects are still highly doable.

Take advantage of an open schedule

Most homeowners wouldn’t think to have their patios worked on during the winter. This fact alone often causes a slowdown of business for landscaping companies during the colder months, limiting their work to snow and ice management rather than construction. With a relatively open schedule, homeowners are likely to receive a more prompt appointment than during peak season. Particularly in the early days of winter, it’s well worth talking to a professional to discuss your remodeling plans.

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Less interference with day to day use of outdoor spaces

Getting work done on your outdoor spaces during winter means you won’t be sacrificing space that you’d prefer to be putting to use. While a few daring souls may still be braving the cold to barbecue or enjoy a wood fire in their outdoor fireplaces, for most closing up their patios for the winter is not quite the sacrifice it would be during summer.

Cooler weather

There are undoubtedly some challenges with working in cold weather, but dealing with the elements is something landscapers are quite accustomed to. When posed with the choice of sweltering summer heat and having to wear a few extra layers to keep out the cold, many will choose the latter.

Why Winter is a Great Time for Peekskill NY Landscape Construction

Work is completed before warmer weather arrives

Depending on the size of the job, there’s a good chance construction begun in winter will be completed by spring. On the other hand, if you’re waiting for more moderate temperatures and delay your remodeling until spring, there’s always a chance your patio will still be under construction in summer when you’d rather be firing up the barbecue than watching from indoors while teams of workmen put your project together. If you’re intending on selling your home in the new year, getting your remodeling work done before May also means that you can tap into the optimal spring real estate market.

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A few things to consider

  • Patios with covering are already well equipped to guard against the elements. Replacing or building covering makes for a good winter project.
  • Areas in full sun also offer good candidates for winter work. This keeps labor costs of dealing with ice and frost to a minimum.
  • Pouring concrete for foundations can present some issues, so talk to your foreman about possible technological solutions geared towards your specific situation.
  • Snow is less of an obstacle than most people might think and provisions can be made.
  • If weather and set up don’t allow for an early head start on your landscape construction project, at the very least, winter is a great time for planning and looking forward to using your new outdoor space in the summer.

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