Beat the Winter Blues with an Outdoor Fireplace

It’s that time of year where the patio has long shifted from being a gathering point for family and is now neglected in favor of the warmth of indoors. But before you close the doors on your beloved patio for the winter, know that it doesn’t have to be this way. A patio converted for the winter can be a great place to warm the hands, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and let the snow melt off your boots after a snowball fight in the backyard with the kids. Apart from covering and wind protection, one of the key elements to focus on for a cozy winter patio is an outdoor fireplace. Here we’ll take a look at some of the things to look for in a winter fireplace design for your Peekskill, NY patio.


The first thing to decide when it comes to your new outdoor fireplace is where to put it. Of course, this might seem like a simple decision, but here are a few things to bear in mind. Firstly, you’ll want a position out of the wind. Nestled into a corner where two exterior walls meet or even placed against the exterior wall of your home will help ensure wind protection, particularly if your patio does not have additional wind screening. Alternatively, a back wall to your fireplace can be built to provide this kind of wind protection. The second thing to consider is the position where your fireplace can provide the most distributed heat. This might mean the center of the length of your patio, or even place along its width depending on what your seating arrangement might be.

Beat the Winter Blues with an Outdoor Fireplace Peekskill NY


While the design of your outdoor fireplace won’t necessarily contribute to the warmth that it produces aside from how large the fireplace will be, it will still take the position of a central landscaping feature, so a pleasing design is essential. When deciding on a design idea, the architectural style of the home, landscape theme and other elements of the hardscaping need to be taken into account. While every homeowner wants their outdoor fireplace to be bold and make a statement, the fireplace still needs to be considered in relation to its surroundings. The perfect balance of elements results from a fireplace design that includes a shape reflected in the home’s architecture, colors in harmony with the rest of the patio and landscape, as well as patterning that does not clash with that of the patio pavers.

Choosing a natural stone veneer

Whatever graces the surface of your new outdoor fireplace is what will give it its character. Warm natural stone colors are great for beating the bleakness of the wintery weather. The earthy hues of brown, red and gold provided by flagstone are always an attractive choice, as is the gentle cream and ruddy blushes of sandstone. Red brick is another great option for creating a visually warm environment. The subtle color and delicate patterning of travertine is an interesting choice that exudes elegance, but you may find that the mottled coloring and rugged texture of granite is more to your taste.

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