5 Commonly Neglected Aspects of Property Maintenance

An impeccably maintained landscape is something every conscientious homeowner aspires to, but often a few overlooked trouble areas prevent their vision from becoming actualized. Here are just a few such areas that we can help you refine and maintain in order to get the most of your Croton landscape and stop potential property damage caused by neglect of these areas.

Side Yards

The areas running along the side of a property, between home and boundary walls, are commonly neglected as they are not seen from the street and receive less traffic than other areas of your landscape. Furthermore, side yards are often used by homeowners as storage for excess building materials. If you’re looking to increase the value of your home or prepare your home for a new buyer, paying attention to these neglected areas is a must. Paved walkways and low maintenance plants are ideal for beautifying side yards. Manzers can also help with carting away any building refuse that might be piling up.

5 Commonly Neglected Aspects of Croton Property Maintenance

Low Traffic Walkways

Walkways running along the far side of your property, along the sides of your home and in areas that receive little pedestrian activity often go unnoticed by DIY homeowners. Poorly maintained walkways can be susceptible to dirt, drainage issues and structural damage, creating a hazard for future users. A proper maintenance program can reduce the cost of repairs and keep your walkways looking new, despite them being off the beaten path.

Decking Supports

Loose, rotten or damaged decking supports often go unnoticed by homeowners because of their obscure positioning. Decking supports are often concealed by decking covering, enclosed by trellises or buried beneath the ground, so often don’t receive the necessary attention. This can lead to significant damage to both person and property if left unattended. With the thorough inspection and maintenance provided by Manzers, however, this can be avoided, allowing you to enjoy your decking with peace of mind and confidence.


Landscape drainage is one aspect of the home that remains perfectly out of sight and out of mind - until it’s needed most. It only takes one heavy rainfall to remind homeowners that their landscape drainage system requires just as much regular care as the rest of their yard. Improperly maintained drainage systems can create havoc for your plants, carry dirt onto your patios and walkways, cause pooling on your lawn and even bring down retaining walls because of the additional water weight contributed to the soil. Don’t be caught unawares by neglected drainage systems.

Large Tree Care

It’s easy to think of the large trees in your yard as steadfast behemoths, unaffected by old age, weather, fungus, disease and pests. As a matter of fact, it’s often the unseen culprits that do the most damage. Regular tree care is absolutely essential for the long lasting health and prosperity of your property’s beautiful giants. Sadly, this is often an aspect of property maintenance all but forgotten about. Large tree care ensures minimizing the risk of losing trees to ill health and storm damage, and protects your property from the damage of a falling tree. As certified arborists, Manzers offers a full range of tree care and maintenance programs.

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