Revitalize Your Landscape After Winter with the Help of a Lawn Care Expert in Briarcliff Manor, NY

Your lawn is subjected to snow, ice and devastating winds during the Briarcliff, NY, winter. Therefore, it requires a bit of special treatment before it can be rejuvenated in spring. While freeze-thaw cycles can lead to brittle roots that ultimately die, a build-up of ice is often fatal to the cells within plants. Once the snow melts and temperatures rise, a Manzer’s Landscape Design and Development Inc. professional will be able to survey your softscape and determine what measures are required to bring your lawn back to life. Here are a few of the measures a lawn care expert might take in order to restore your softscape to its former glory in the spring.

Clearing the lawn of debris

Revitalize Your Landscape After Winter with the Help of a Lawn Care Expert in Briarcliff Manor, NY

Leaves, dirt and debris are guaranteed to build up during fall and winter. Your softscape will, therefore, require thorough cleaning in order to remove everything that covers and stifles the struggling grass. Any plants, shrubs and trees that didn’t survive the winter will need to be removed as well. The plants that do survive the wrath of winter will require pruning and trimming in order to facilitate their continued growth. Entrust a professional to do this and avoid spending your entire weekend wielding a pair of shears. Removing all the debris cluttering your lawn will facilitate new growth and expose any bare, worn-out patches of lawn that require additional attention. 


Aerating the lawn

Soil tends to be packed down by snow and foot traffic during winter. This can make it difficult for the roots beneath the surface to get the nutrients they require to grow. Aerating the lawn and disturbing the topsoil is, therefore, essential for allowing nutrients to disperse. There are numerous methods of aeration that your chosen lawn care expert may consider, including the use of a plug aerator to break up compacted soil. By entrusting a professional with the aeration of your lawn, you can save plenty of precious time and rest assured that it has been done properly. 

Clearing thatch

Your grass has most likely been flattened during winter due to the snow and ice piled on top of it. While some of you turf may survive and attempt to regenerate in spring, a large proportion of your turf will have died. It is important that your lawn care expert remove any dead grass and excess clippings so that the remaining grass can breathe and enjoy free access to nutrients.  


Eradicating weeds

As your lawn recovers from the assault of winter, hardy weeds can re-emerge and compete with your vulnerable plant life. Your lawn care expert will know exactly which measures to take in order to prevent an invasion of weeds during this period. Herbicides can be used to kill any seeds that are destined to sprout into weeds, but there are also various non-chemical alternatives for environmentally-conscious homeowners that are equally effective. Time is of the essence, and a professional lawn care service will be able to clear your lawn of weeds before applying any fertilizers that might spur their growth.