Inspiring Gate and Fence Ideas to Improve Your Westchester County, NY, Landscape Design

Gates and fences can add a great deal to the landscape design of your Westchester County, NY, home. They can be used for both practical purposes—setting off a boundary or a sense of security—or as a design element. Here are some ideas for how gates and fences can be used to take a landscape design up a notch.

The Classic White Picket Fence

We’ve all heard of the proverbial white picket fence, which typifies classic American style. This traditional design idea can complement almost all traditional style homes and tie together any other white elements in a house’s structure, like porches, beams, or even the front door. You could have a border of plantings placed along the outside of the fence to give your classic style a manicured look.


A Sturdy Wrought Iron Gate

Wrought iron gates are another classic, combining heavy-duty materials with a timeless look. These days, wrought iron has been updated and can provide a more modern look if you so desire. Available in an array of colors and styles, this type of gate will match almost any home and provide a strong element of security. Of course, you can always go with a classic look for an English garden feel. These types of gates are a good option if you want a gate to enclose your driveway.

Inspiring Gate and Fence Ideas to Improve Your Westchester County, NY, Landscape Design   

Natural Wood Fences

Natural wood fences are a great option for cottage-style homes or for anyone looking for a fence that will blend in to the natural landscape of the home. As a natural material, wood could be the best option if you want your fence to look like a nature-inspired element that blends in with the rest of the landscape. Wood fences are available in a log style or traditional slat styles.


Because wood can be stained, you have any array of shades to choose from, and you could have the color changed later if your preferences shift as time passes. Some people opt to plant a border of shrubbery or evergreen trees either on the inside or outside of the fence for an additional natural feel and added privacy.

Modern Gates or Fences

Modern gates or fences usually combine an art-deco type style with contemporary materials like aluminum to create a look that is unique and updated. Mostly used on more modern homes, modern gates and fences can complement the look of new construction for homeowners who want that style. Modern gates or fences usually incorporate straight lines and simple styles, or even elements of Japanese design with geometric shapes. Another earmark of modern gates or fences is that they are very dense and do not allow too much to be seen, affording a great amount of privacy and security to the property.

With the added bonus of security and privacy, gates or fences are a great way to enhance to the look of your home. Contact our professionals today to see your style options.