3 Landscape Ideas that Enhance the Privacy of your Somers Backyard

Having to stare at your neighbor’s garbage cans, or to feel that they’re watching you from their living room window, can ruin what should be a relaxing experience in your Somers, NY, backyard. While fences work well for some homeowners, others find them confining and, in some cases, they can draw attention to an eyesore they’re attempting to hide. This collection of landscaping ideas acknowledges fencing as a trusted method of ensuring privacy, and explores other innovative techniques. Read on to find a method that suits you to create a wonderfully intimate backyard.

A complete barrier

A stone wall or tall fence created using wooden panels, can be used to completely conceal your backyard from the road or lot beyond. Decorative accents and plantings can be used to soften the imposing effect that such a tall and solid barrier can have. Detailing the face of a large wall can also help to break up a large expanse of wood or stone and make the structure more visually stimulating. A stone bench can also be built into the wall, creating a spontaneous seat at the edge of the yard. Placing lights at the base of the fence or wall can also make the structure more visually appealing at night and improve the safety of the space.


More subtle fencing options

3 Landscape Ideas that Enhance the Privacy of your Backyard in Somers, NY

If a solid stone wall seems too dramatic an addition to your tranquil backyard getaway, a fence, stripped down to just a few wooden panels, might be better suited to you. Lacy plants are usually used to lightly cover the gaps in the barrier, offering more subtle screening. These fences tend to have a more quaint appearance than their solid alternatives, and can be painted in a variety of eye-catching shades to grant them even more character. There are various ways to transform a fence into an artwork or focal point, from incorporating double doors into the structure to creative woodworking techniques. Avoid creating a harsh transition from concrete pavers to the plants adorning your fence, and consider transitioning from pavers to grass or garden beds a few feet ahead of the barrier instead.


An entirely natural barrier

Clusters of tall plants are an appealing and eco-friendly alternative to fences. They are also perfect for homeowners that can’t stand feeling caged in in their own backyard. Oversized ornamental grasses, paired with large shrubs and trees, can effectively conceal your backyard without creating that solid perimeter that often makes the space feel smaller. Incorporating pops of red, orange, and yellow into your plant selection can make the barrier look more cheerful and inviting. Ensure that your barrier is made up of a few layers of plantings. Consider nestling a water feature among the greenery to drown out any noise from your neighbors and enhance the natural appeal of your backyard’s borders. Natural rocks, planters, and ornamentation can be used to add weight to the base of your natural privacy barrier and create a more visually impervious screen.