Brightening Your Landscape Design with Fall Perennials in Cortlandt Manor, NY

Spring and summer don’t have to be the glory months of landscape color, and the trees don’t have to be the only color your yard sees in fall. Brightening your landscape design with fall perennials in Cortlandt Manor, NY, is easy with the following perennials that will thrive in Cortlandt Manor’s hardiness zone. 


Asters are a classic fall flower with blue, pink, purple or white flowers. Growing 1 to 4 feet tall depending on the variety, these versatile flowers are very attractive to butterflies on their annual migration. 

Balloon Flowers

Named for their unique balloon-shaped flower buds, balloon flowers are easy-care perennials that come in shades of pink, blue, or white. They grow 12 to 20 inches tall and are deer-resistant. 

Black-eyed Susans

Black-eyed Susans (members of the sunflower family although they more closely resemble daisies) are hardy wildflowers often added to gardens for their golden-yellow petals and purplish-brown centers. They can grow to over 3 feet tall, and attract bees and butterflies to your garden.                    


Chrysanthemums are the classic fall flower. With a huge variety of colors and sizes, these perennials can be planted in the ground or enliven your patio in containers. 

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Sometimes confused with allergy-inducing ragweed, goldenrod (which does not induce hay fever) is a beautiful drought-tolerant perennial with bright golden flowers. It tends to grow around 1.5 to 2 feet tall, and is a favorite in bee-friendly and butterfly-friendly gardens. 


Helenium boasts lovely daisy-like flowers in brilliant shades of yellow, orange, red, and even multiple colors. These sun-loving plants are drought tolerant and grow 3 to 5 feet tall. This is another beautiful flower that attracts bees to your garden, but fortunately, deer avoid it. 

Japanese Anemone

The pink or white flowers of Japanese Anemone bring a delicate touch to a fall landscape. Growing 2 to 4 feet high, this is a plant that tends to spread via underground runners. 

Joe Pye Weed 

Brightening Your Landscape Design with Fall Perennials in Cortlandt Manor, NY.JPG

Homeowners debate whether this plant earns its reputation as a “weed” as many consider it more valuable than unwanted flowers like dandelions. It has this reputation because of its tendency to spread, but this gorgeous perennial is incredibly hardy and colorful. It’s a large plant, often growing to around 6 to 7 feet tall, which makes it perfect for tucked-away corners of your yard that need a burst of fall color. Even before its whitish-purple flowers appear in late summer and fall, its burgundy-green foliage is a showstopper earlier in the season. 

Montauk Daisy 

The Montauk Daisy is prized for its late-season cheerful white flowers that retain their color until the first hard freeze. This low-maintenance sun-loving perennial grows 2 to 3 feet tall. 

Oriental Lilies

For a more exotic look just right for an entryway, Oriental Lilies, which tend to grow around 4 feet tall, produce many huge, fragrant, star-shaped flowers that come in colors ranging from white to deep red. 

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If you’re looking for a plant that really doesn’t need you at all, choose sedum! Sedum comes in a huge variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. These 1- to 3-feet-tall perennials are highly drought tolerant, bee- and butterfly-friendly, and produce pink or red flowers in late summer and fall. 

For best results with fall-blooming perennials, you will want them planted them where they will thrive, as each of the plants we listed here have different sun and watering needs. For professional garden design and installation as well as ongoing landscape maintenance (so you can enjoy your landscape instead of fussing with it), give us a call!