3 Ways to Take Advantage of Natural Light in Your Scarsdale, NY, Landscaping

Having lots of natural light in your landscaping is like a blank canvas that you can use to paint your perfect portrait of the beautiful outdoor living space you’ve always wanted in Scarsdale, NY. No matter what type of backyard paradise you’re envisioning, lots of natural light is an important component. Here, we’ll talk about three ways you can take advantage of the natural light in your landscaping.

Perfect Patio

3 Ways to Take Advantage of Natural Light in Your Scarsdale, NY, Landscaping

A sunny spot right outside your home’s backyard entrance is a great place to put a patio. Once you’ve picked out the location, decide on a material that best reflects your home’s style and design. Some stunning materials from Unilock for a patio include Beacon Hill Smooth and Umbriano. Both are nice sized pavers that would offer a beautiful, even surface well suited for foot traffic and furniture. Beacon Hill Smooth has a more modern look, while Umbriano is also contemporary but has a textured look that has a more natural appearance.

Once you’ve picked your spot and materials, you might even consider adding a pergola if you want to temper the amount of sun you’ll get. You can furnish your patio as a spot for dining, serious lounging, or just some casual seating. For those who love a nice sunbath, reclining lounge chairs are a great option to create that relaxed, beachy feel right at home. To create a casual seating area, simply add a few chairs, a table just big enough to rest a drink on, and a footrest for good measure.


Plenty of Plantings

Installing some plantings in an area of full sun is a great way to make use of your landscape and add colored highlights to your landscaping. Some flowers that love full sun and are a complement to any landscape include roses, peonies, and hydrangeas.

For an entirely different look, you may consider a rock garden displaying natural stones integrated with succulents or sedums, which are highly drought tolerant and can handle any weather conditions. For some options with more variety, you could create an area with mixed plants, like a Japanese maple, offering bright pops of red leaves, some hostas, and a flowery ground cover plant like Creeping Myrtle. Add a beautiful birdbath in the middle to allow nature into your sights and give your winged friends a place to cool off in the hot weather. To mix it up and create an area with some shade, your landscaper can install a small tree like a young sugar maple. You’ll have a nice shady area to enjoy sunny days, and help provide shelter to birds, bees, and butterflies!


Incorporate Water

The reflection of the sun on the surface of water is a beautiful accent to any landscape. There are many options to incorporate water to accent a sunny area. First, a fountain is a classic and timeless water feature that not only gives you a stunning visual in the landscape but also brings in calming sounds of water for tranquility to your outdoor space. Another option is a small pond that would be a great complement to plantings or shrubs. You could add fish or water lilies, or even a pump mechanism that creates a fountain effect in the water. If you have enough space, you could even do an in-ground pool.