4 Landscaping Ideas for a Wonderful Backyard Retreat in Somers, NY

Having a resort feel in your Somers, NY, backyard can be one of the nicest treats you can give yourself and family. With the right landscape elements in place, a relaxed, five-star atmosphere is absolutely possible. To get you well on your way, here are four landscaping ideas for a wonderful backyard retreat.

A Hidden Patio for Comfort

Shrouded by tall trees, or framed by attractive natural stone walls, a hidden patio is the ideal choice for luxury and seclusion. Such a patio would add an element of intrigue to your backyard, while creating a perfect place for a personal day spa or your own personal yoga retreat. If you prefer a simpler use, your hidden patio can be a quiet place to reflect and relax with comfortable outdoor furniture and eye-catching features. Consider water features like a wall fountain or pondless waterfall to add to the ambience. Hedges, flowers, and other plants can be used not just to ensure privacy, but to give the feel of being in a purely natural haven. For seating, you could opt for natural stone wall topped by comfy cushions.

4 Landscaping Ideas for a Wonderful Backyard Retreat in Somers, NY

Poolside Pergolas for Versatility

A poolside pergola can speak volumes when it comes to having a resort-like atmosphere at your Somers, NY, property. They’re so pretty that it doesn’t take much for them to be standout features in a backyard. For relaxation purposes, consider a cover for your pergola. A consultation with your landscape design expert can help determine the best options for covering. Covers should blend well with the overall poolside design, and how you intend to use the pergola should also be a factor in your decision-making. For example, if you will use this feature all through the year, canvas is an excellent choice for shelter even in the winter. If you’re going to be tanning poolside, but still want to be able to hide from the sun at the drop of a hat, consider retractable vertical curtains. Or, for a nature-based vibe, artificial or otherwise, vines or trailing flowering plants are just what you’re looking for.

Fire Features for Cozy Moments

Backyard fire features continue being popular on the landscape design scene because they can be used to suit any purpose. In the case of a backyard retreat in Somers, NY, what better choice than a cozy getaway by a roaring fire? Fire pits or fireplaces create a feeling of warmth both from the heat they give and their association with comfort. Indoor fireplaces draw you closer, and this is no different outdoors. Natural stone for both fire pits and fireplaces adds style and class to these hardscape elements. Whether your property has contemporary or traditional design, these both work well to bring your personal weekend getaway at home to life.


Gardens for Simplicity

Trees and shrubs, flowers and other plants all have their role to play in your garden escape. Spend hours enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of your pretty garden, where hardscapes and softscapes blend to create something truly special. Natural stone pathways let you take relaxing strolls while gorgeous blooms frame the path. Seating options can be built-in or standalone outdoor furniture like benches. Lighting can also be added so that your backyard space becomes a relaxation wonderland at night.