How to Match an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit to Your Home's Exterior in Cortlandt Manor, NY

It is important that your hardscape echoes the aesthetic theme of your home. This ensures that a seamless visual flow and sense of completeness pervades your entire property. Here are a few ways to ensure that your outdoor fireplace or fire pit fits right into your home’s existing design in Cortlandt Manor, NY.  

A modern fire feature

Consider reflecting the modernity of your home’s exterior in the structure of your fire feature. One way to achieve a contemporary look and feel is through the use of sleek, smooth materials. Many concrete wall units, for example, are manufactured with smooth finishes. Linear, uniform shapes are also excellent qualities to include in the structure of a modern fire feature. Take a look at the shapes, shades and textures found within the exterior of your home and have them echoed in the design of your fireplace. 


Chic modern homes can also be complemented by fire features built from authentic natural stone, despite the rugged surfaces these stones often bear. Natural stone is generally available in pleasant neutral colors that fit perfectly into the color scheme of most modern, minimalist designs. Natural stone has an inherent sense of luxury that imbues an outdoor area with indoor qualities. This is a modern take on outdoor living, as traditional homes more often opt for having outdoor areas that are rugged and further removed from the comfort and luxury of indoor rooms. A stone fireplace with a red brick wall in the background creates a pairing that can pack a powerful punch. 

An island-style fire feature

How to Match an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit to Your Home's Exterior in Cortlandt Manor, NY

If you’re opting for a tropical, or resort-like, landscape that achieves the ultimate standard of rest and relaxation, then consider a fire feature as a must-have item. A fireplace or fire pit will allow your fun to continue despite the evening chill, and will bathe its immediate surroundings in a cozy atmosphere. You’ll love being able to warm up by the fire after taking a refreshing dip in the pool. This type of landscape design is an excellent partner to homes with contemporary, luxurious appearances. If you prioritise fun and relaxation, and your home is simultaneously your weekend getaway, then this type of hardscape design is your perfect match. Natural stone is, once again, an excellent candidate for fireplaces or fire pits with a beachy look and feel. Consider opting for a slightly irregular, even asymmetrical, design to enhance its natural appearance. Shallow fire pits are also well-suited to fun, island-style landscapes because they create a campfire-like atmosphere. 


A warm rustic fireplace

A traditionally suburban home with a charming, rustic feel and homely atmosphere will never go out of style. To complement a home like this, consider constructing a towering fireplace that provides enough light and warmth to permeate your entire outdoor living area. Surround the fireplace with a selection of comfortable armchairs and sofas, creating a hotspot for both conversation and quiet relaxation. Cozy furniture arrangements like these bring family and friends together, facilitating the creation of unforgettable memories. 

Consider using tumbled concrete pavers with a timeworn finish for the construction of your rustic fire feature. Fireplaces and fire pits that subscribe to this type of aesthetic offer huge amounts of artistic license, as add-ons like tiles and engravings fit right in without looking tacky or outdated.