5 Ways to Turn Your Patio Into The Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

Creating a fresh and invigorating outdoor living area provides the perfect space to regroup and enjoy the outdoors, both by yourself or when entertaining friends and family. Aside from the personal benefits of having a versatile patio, it also contributes to increased property value for your Westchester, NY home, opening up opportunities for a future sale. It can be challenging to determine exactly which items or features will serve the most benefit, so here are a few key elements to keep in mind.


It’s understandable for you, as a homeowner, to seek visual perfection for your outdoor space. However, comfort should not be sacrificed to achieve this. When creating your outdoor living space, aim for the same level of comfort that you have indoors. Outdoor sofas and comfortable patio furniture is a must. Permanent seating with added cushions for comfort and decor is even better. Permanent seating has the advantage of always being available, and as a permanent structure, serves as a long term investment in the value and enjoyment of your home.


Another permanent element for contributing both comfort and aesthetic is a fire feature. Fire pits and fireplaces serve as the ideal centerpoint for a seating area. Adding a seating wall around a fire pit is of great use to your outdoor space. Fire features can also introduce the character of natural stone and the comfort of a fire to your outdoor spaces, serving as an intimate spot to gather on cool evenings.


Avoid the uncomfortable feeling of being watched by your neighbors by ensuring ample privacy for your patio. There are a number of ways to add privacy to a patio; these include low walls, pergolas draped with vines, privacy screens, and including large trees or dense shrubs in your surrounding softscape. An outdoor fireplace can also serve to add privacy to your patio if placed correctly. The key to creating privacy that contributes to an intimate setting is to merge it seamlessly with the surrounding design to avoid the sense of being blocked in by dominating structures.


To enjoy your patio, you’ll need it to be easily accessible. If your patio is detached from your home, attractive walkways are essential. These serve a number of functions including protecting your lawn, providing safety, dividing up portions of your property into outdoor rooms and contributing to the overall aesthetic with the unique flavor of the paving materials used in their construction.

5 Ways to Turn Your Patio Into The Ultimate Outdoor Living Space in Westchester County, NY


Your outdoor space isn’t complete without the mood and atmosphere created by good lighting. This is something to be considered both during the day and after dark. Natural lighting filtered through shade cloth or foliage can enhance the ambiance of an area during the day. A good lighting plan complete with ambient and decorative lighting will highlight the best features of your yard and create a soothing evening setting.

Last but not least, adding the movement and sound of a water feature is another great way to add a magical element to your patio, leaving your guests enchanted by the peaceful atmosphere.